PM Modi in Ayodhya, Performs Bhoomi Poojan at Shree Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the Bhoomi Poojan at the Shree Ram Janmbhoomi temple in Ayodhya on Wednesday. And soon after arriving the Lord Rama’s birthplace, he first visited and offered prayers at the Hanuman Garhi Temple. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, also accompanied the PM.

PM Modi tweeted on his official handle-

“Prayed at the sacred Hanumangarhi and sought Lord Hanuman’s blessings.”

Later, the PM performed Darshan and Bhoomi Pujan at the Shree Ram Janmbhoomi Temple. Then during his address in Ayodhya, PM Modi said the process of building the Ram Temple would unite the nation. He added that the memorable moment shows the resolve of crores of Lord Rama devotees.

PM Modi remarked,

“Due to Coronavirus, the Bhoomi Poojan is taking place while keeping in mind the Maryada. Entire nation too displayed the same Maryada, when the Hon’ble Supreme Court announced the historic verdict. People welcomed it with peace, taking care of everyone’s feelings. Today, we are witnessing a similar Maryada.”

Taking about the cooperation and efforts of people from all sections of society in the construction of a grand Ram Temple, he said that not only is history being created with this temple, but also it is repeating itself.

He further said that Lord Rama is the source of India’s unity in diversity. PM Modi stated,

“There is no aspect of life where Ram does not inspire. Ram is in the faith of India; Ram is in the ideals of India. There is Ram in the divinity of India.”

About the different sacred versions available of Ramayana, he said-

“In the Valmiki Ramayana, Ram guided the ancient India thousands of years ago. During the middle ages, Ram strengthened India through Tulsi, Kabir and Nanak. The same Ram was present in Bapu’s hymns as a power of non-violence and Satyagraha at the time of freedom struggle. Lord Buddha is also associated with Rama and Ayodhya, for centuries, has been a centre of Jainism. This omnipresence of Ram is the life character of unity in India’s diversity!”

The PM said that Lord Rama is omnipresent and belongs to everyone-

“Ram appears in different forms at different instances, but Ram is everywhere. Kamba Ramayana in Tamil, Raghunath and Ranganath Ramayana in Telugu, Ruipad-Katedapadi Ramayana in Odia, the Kumudendu Ramayana in Kannada. When we go to Kashmir, we find the Ramavatar Charit, we find the Ramacharitam in Malayalam. There is Krittivasi Ramayana in Bengali, Guru Gobind Singh has written Gobind Ramayana himself. Therefore, Ram is the source of India’s unity in diversity.”

Mentioning the global influence of Lord Rama and the various nations where he is revered, he said that the Ram Temple would depict the rich heritage of Indian culture to the world. He added,

“The country which has the world’s largest Muslim population is Indonesia. Just as our country there are several versions of Ramayana, like Kakawin Ramayana, Swarnadweep Ramayana, Yogeshwar Ramayana. Ram is still revered there today… You will find traces of Ram in Iran and China as well. In Sri Lanka, the story of Ramayana is narrated as Janakiharan and Nepal has a very special relationship with Ram and Mata Janaki.”

Moreover, he said that Ram Katha is popular in several countries and is organized even today. He hoped that people in these nations would also welcome the building of a grand Ram Temple. He added that this temple would inspire humanity for eternity and said-

“The Ram Circuit is being built to connect the places visited by Bhagwaan Ram.”

Further, PM Modi remembered the sacrifices and persistent efforts of everyone associated with the Ram Mandir movement. Bowing to them, he remarked-

“This day is a symbol of their resolve, their sacrifices and determination. During the Ram Mandir movement, there was dedication, there were challenges but also there was resolution.”

Also, PM Modi said that during India’s freedom struggle, several generations sacrificed their everything, and 15th August symbolized their determined efforts and desire for freedom. He added that similarly, for several centuries, several generations made constant efforts for the Ram Temple. He stated-

“Ram lives in our hearts, He is within us. When we do any work, we take inspiration from Him.”

He further added,

“Efforts were made to eradicate Bhagwaan Ram’s existence, but He is in our hearts, He is the basis of our culture, Shri Ram is the dignity of India, Shri Ram is the Maryada Purushottam.”

Watch his Full Address Here:

PM Modi also tweeted-

“A blessed day in Ayodhya.

This day will remain etched in the memory of every Indian.

May the blessings of Bhagwan Shree Ram always be upon us. May India scale new heights of progress. May every Indian be healthy and prosperous. @ShriRamTeerth”

Featured image credits: IBG News

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