Our Core Team Dialog with Mr. Modi

Respected Modi ji,

It is a pleasure to present this innovative `dialog with Mr.Modi` as a part of our initiative `NarendraModi.Global‘ on behalf all our Indian team members that have spread across the world.

We are group of professionals around the world and we came together a year back under ModiForPM.Org to have our squirrel contribution in national development. We look at you as a role model and we had a strong desire that you should take development of the nation in hand. Many of our members participated in many ways in the campaign of
`Congress Mukta Bharat` during last parliamentary elections. Some of our members left their place like US and Canada and stayed for promoting our theme `ModiForPM.Org. Some of our members created flyers that would attract attention to some critical national issues, while some members met BJP leaders and workers to check what can be contributed. We felt very happy when you actually became PM.

We are also a group that has a common national cause `India First` as pointed by you during parliamentary. We work with a code of conduct and value structure. We do not give or take funds in any name. We do not belong to any political party. We are just focused on national issues and are striving to work on various ideas.

This website is fully devoted to see to it that you are a Global Leader in a definite period of time. This we felt is possible if we can act as a bridge between you, your team and Indians across the world.

To connect them most effectively, we have created a facility of `Dialog with Mr. Modi`. This is the first communication with you on behalf of our team members. We are connected to Indians through face book and twitter. Besides this we have volunteers who are keen in supporting the theme of `NarendraModi.Global`.

The dialog here are basically ideas, suggestions and some key information that may help you and your team in some way. We have a moderation team that will look to it that no unwanted ideas and suggestions are passed on to you. We are aware that it will be almost impossible for you to look at the dialog of many people here. However, we will keep sharing the dialog and some of your team members can have a further moderation to reach it to you whenever time permits.

We are sure this platform will be useful to you and your team in many ways without deviating your attention on national issues you have taken up eversince you have become PM of this great nation.

To see you as Global Leader is now our new goal and we have decided to go with full devotion without any expectation of course !

Wish you all the very best in all your efforts.


Core Team

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