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#9PM9Minute: The Entire Nation Lights up Lamps & Candles on PM Modi’s Appeal

#9PM9Minute: The Entire Nation Lights up Lamps & Candles on PM Modi’s Appeal

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lit a traditional oil lamp, turning off all lights at his official residence (7 Lok Kalyan Marg). The PM donned a white South Indian mundu (dhoti) & Assamese gamocha (towel) on this occasion, supposedly conveying solidarity with the whole nation.

Yesterday, the PM shared his pictures of lamp lighting and tweeted a Sanskrit verse on his official handle. He thus wished for everyone’s health and prosperity and the defeat of all demons.

He wrote in his tweet-

“शुभं करोति कल्याणमारोग्यं धनसंपदा ।
शत्रुबुद्धिविनाशाय दीपज्योतिर्नमोऽस्तुते ॥”

Also, President Ram Nath Kovind, with First Lady and his family members, shared pictures holding candles and tweeted-

“President Kovind with the First Lady and members of the family joined fellow citizens in demonstrating collective solidarity and positivity by lighting candles at 9 PM. He expressed his gratitude towards every Indian for showing resolve & resilience in the fight against COVID-19.”

In a brief video message to the nation earlier, he had urged the citizens to switch off lights and light up lamps, candles, or mobile flashlights on their doors and balconies at 9 PM for 9-minutes as a sign of solidarity and unity in India’s fight against COVID-19.

Abiding by the PM’s call, the people across the nation switched off lights in their houses & lit lamps, candles & torches. Earlier, he declared Janata Curfew on March 22, when people were asked to clap or ring conches/bells to thank those fighting in the forefront.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry said that the doubling rate of COVID-19 cases in India is currently 4.1 days. But if the Tablighi Jamaat incident wouldn’t have occurred, the rate would have been 7.4 days. So far, a total of 4067 cases have been reported. Out of these, 3666 are active, 292 are cured/discharged/migrated, and 109 are fatalities.

Moreover, PM Modi announced a national lockdown of 21 days to reduce the surge in COVID-19 cases. Also, he has been urging the people of India to maintain social distancing to contain the spread of the Novel CoronaVirus.

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PM Narendra Modi Holds Virtual Interaction with Indian Sportspersons

PM Narendra Modi Holds Virtual Interaction with Indian Sportspersons

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with more than 40 renowned sportspersons of the country through video conferencing. The Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports Kiren Rijiju and other senior officials of the Ministry also took part in the video chat.

The top sportspersons included the men’s cricket team captain Virat Kohli, sprinter Hima Das, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, ace badminton player PV Sindhu, Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar, Women’s Hockey team captain Rani Rampal, Kabaddi player & DSP in Himanchal Pradesh Police Shri Ajay Thakur, para-athlete high jumper Sharad Kumar, top tennis player Ankita Raina, and others.

During the virtual interaction, the PM said that COVID-19 is the whole of humankind’s enemy. He added that one could understand the seriousness of the situation by the fact that it’s the first time since World War II that the Olympics is postponed. Also, many other notable global events like Wimbledon & domestic sporting events like IPL are pushed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, PM Modi lauded the sportspersons for bringing glory to India with their brilliant performances. He asked them to boost the citizens’ morale, spread the message of social distancing & follow norms during the 21-day lockdown. He emphasized that the qualities learned during sports training (self-discipline, positivity, self-belief, and the ability to face challenges) are key to fight the virus.

Further, he urged the sportspersons to include these five points in their message to fellow Indians:

1. ‘Sankalp’ to combat the Novel CoronaVirus
2. ‘Sanyam’ to abide by social distancing
3. ‘Sakaratmakta’ – stay positive in these tough times
4. ‘Samman’ to respect the heroes fighting the virus at the forefront
5. ‘Sahyog’ at a personal and national level by contributing to the PM-CARES fund. He also asked them to stress the significance of physical and mental fitness and also share AYUSH Ministry guidelines.

Also, the sportspersons commended the PM’s leadership during these hard times. They even thanked him for ensuring that the healthcare workers, police staff & others fighting the battle against the virus get the respect they deserve for serving people selflessly. They also spoke on how crucial are discipline, mental toughness, following a fitness regimen, and building immunity.

Furthermore, PM Modi stated that it is important for India to defeat COVID-19 and showed confidence in pro-active participation by the sportspersons in this battle.

He tweeted on his official handle-

“Interacted with sportspersons via video conferencing on the situation arising due to COVID-19. Sports requires self-discipline, tenacity, teamwork and a fighting spirit. These are also required to defeat Coronavirus. #IndiaFightsCorona”

He further added-

“From sharing videos that reaffirm the importance of fitness, helping the poor and needy, emphasising on social distancing as well as contributing to efforts such as PM-CARES, our sportspersons are doing excellent towards making India free from COVID-19.”

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PM Narendra Modi Shares a Brief Video Message Related to COVID-19

PM Narendra Modi Shares a Brief Video Message Related to COVID-19

Today morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a video-message related to India’s fight against COVID-19 on his official Twitter handle. The PM appreciated the people for showing discipline and abiding by the ongoing 21-day lockdown.

Moreover, he urged the Indian citizens to switch off all the lights of their homes on 5 April. He specially requested them to light candles, mobile flashlights, or diyas (lamps) at 9 PM for 9 minutes to “raise the great power of 130 crore Indians” and make one and all feel that nobody is alone in these hard times. He even asked people not to gather in the streets and maintain social distancing during the same.

Also, he said in the video message-

“Please switch off your lights at homes on Sunday, light up candles, torch or mobile flashlights on your balconies for 9 minutes.”

This is PM Modi’s third address to the nation since the cases & casualties of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic grew nationwide. During the first address, he declared Janata Curfew on 22 March in which people thanked those fighting at the forefront by clapping and ringing bells in their balconies. And in the second address, he announced a national lockdown on 24 March to contain the spread of the virus.

Here are the key highlights of PM Modi’s address to the nation:

  • As the lockdown to fight COVID-19 pandemic completed nine days today, the PM applauded how people have come together during this crisis.
  • He said the way people of India are showing how to stay indoors inspired the whole world. The other countries are following India’s example of national lockdown.
  • He added that no one is alone in this lockdown, and we all are together in this.
  • The PM said that we all must overcome this darkness together, with poor and marginalized most affected by this. To go through this, we all must unitedly spread the light and let this Coronavirus’ darkness meet the light we spread.
  • This Sunday at 9 PM, he asked people to turn off all lights in their houses. And he asked people to turn on mobile flashlight/torches or light up lamps/candles in their balconies. This way, we would stand united and demonstrate that nobody is alone in this.
  • He further added that the crucial part of this is confining ourselves to homes and balconies and not stepping out on the streets. He said that we must remember that maintaining social distancing is most important.
Watch it here:

“A video messsage to my fellow Indians.”

Earlier, on Thursday, PM Modi interacted with all the states’ Chief Ministers for another time after a video-conference held last month. He sought a common plan to ensure the people’s staggered movement after the nationwide lockdown concludes.

Seeking suggestions from the states, he stressed-

“It is important to formulate a common exit strategy to ensure staggered re-emergence of the population once the lockdown ends.”

He further added that the Central and state governments are working together to fight COVID-19 and are making everything possible to ensure people’s health. He tweeted-

“Had an extensive interaction with Chief Ministers of various states. The Centre and all the states are working in close cooperation to battle the COVID-19 menace. We are doing everything possible to ensure a healthy India.”

Across India, the total active cases of COVID-19 are 2559, including 70 fatal cases.

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PM Encourages People to Follow AYUSH Ministry Protocol to Combat COVID-19

PM Encourages People to Follow AYUSH Ministry Protocol to Combat COVID-19

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday, shared the AYUSH Ministry protocol on how the citizens can stay fit & healthy. Also, he said that people should make them a part of their lives & boost their immunity amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

PM Modi said the AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) Ministry recently released protocols to improve health & immunity. It listed out easily-doable things that can help with achieving optimum health.

Moreover, the PM added that he’s been doing things mentioned in the protocol, like drinking hot water throughout the year. He tweeted on his official handle-

“Recently the Ayush Ministry came out with protocols that list out easily doable things that improve health as well as immunity. There are many things in the protocol that I myself have been diligently doing for years, such as drinking only hot water through the year.”

In another tweet thread, he said that discussion on fitness-related topics, being healthy, and improving immunity is increasing greatly. Calling it a great sign, he said that he shared Yoga and Yoga Nidra videos after Mann Ki Baat. He wrote in his tweet-

“I am seeing a great increase in discussion on topics related to fitness, staying healthy and boosting immunity systems. This is a great sign. After #MannKiBaat I also shared Yoga and Yoga Nidra videos which I hope you’ve seen.”

To fight the Novel Coronavirus: the AYUSH Ministry’s official document mentioned that boosting the body’s natural defense system (immunity) is crucial to maintaining the best health. It included suggestions like drinking warm water throughout the day, doing pranayama and meditation for at least half an hour, and using Haldi (turmeric), jeera (cumin), dhania (coriander) and lahsun (garlic) during cooking.

He asked the people to go through the AYUSH Ministry protocols, adopt them in their lives & also share with others. As good health brings happiness, he said that we should focus on keeping ourselves healthy. Sharing a few images, he tweeted-

“I urge you to have a look at the Ayush Ministry protocol, make it a part of your lives and share it with others.

Let’s keep the focus on being healthy. After all, good health is the harbinger of happiness.”

Image credits: PM Narendra Modi’s official Twitter handle

PM CARES Fund: Govt’s Initiative to Fight COVID-19 & Other Emergency Situations

PM CARES Fund: Govt’s Initiative to Fight COVID-19 & Other Emergency Situations

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world & posed serious economic & health challenges globally. Until now, over 8 lakh cases are reported with more than 42 thousand fatalities. In India as well, Novel Coronavirus is having an impact & is under a 21-day lockdown, with 1637 cases & 38 deaths reported so far.

Last week, on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the establishment of a public charitable trust named PM CARES Fund. PM CARES Fund stands for Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund. This national fund is dedicatedly set-up to tackle & provide relief to the affected people in emergency/distress situations like COVID-19. PM Modi is its Chairman, and Defence Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister, and others are its members.

Moreover, the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) took this step based on spontaneous and countless requests it received regarding making generous donations towards supporting the government. This fund aims to alleviate the suffering of affected people, reduce/control the infrastructure & capacities’ damage in distress situations.

Also, the building capacities for quick emergency response & effective community resilience need to synchronize with infrastructure & institutional capacity reconstruction/enhancement. New technology usage and advanced research findings are also integral parts of such concerted action.

PM Modi has always believed and even showed in actions that public participation is the most effective way to alleviate any issue, and this fund is another example of this. This fund would allow micro-donations due to which several people could contribute to the smallest of denominations.

To contribute to the PM CARES Fund, the citizens and organizations need to visit the website ‘pmindia.gov.in’ and make the donation to the following details:

Name of the Account: PM CARES

Account Number: 2121PM20202

IFSC Code: SBIN0000691


Name of Bank & Branch: State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch

UPI ID: pmcares@sbi

Besides, the various modes of payments available on the official website are as follows-

  • Debit Cards and Credit Cards
  • Internet Banking
  • UPI (BHIM, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayTM, Mobikwik, etc.)

Also, the donations made to this fund would be exempted from income tax under section 80(G). Beware of the fake PM CARES Fund UPI ID.

In a tweet thread, the PM wrote on his official handle-

“People from all walks of life expressed their desire to donate to India’s war against COVID-19.

Respecting that spirit, the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund has been constituted. This will go a long way in creating a healthier India.”

He wrote in another tweet-

“It is my appeal to my fellow Indians,

Kindly contribute to the PM-CARES Fund. This Fund will also cater to similar distressing situations, if they occur in the times ahead. This link has all important details about the fund.”

He further tweeted-

“The PM-CARES Fund accepts micro-donations too. It will strengthen disaster management capacities and encourage research on protecting citizens.

Let us leave no stone unturned to make India healthier and more prosperous for our future generations.”

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PM Interacts with Indian Missions’ Heads & Social Welfare Organizations

PM Interacts with Indian Missions’ Heads & Social Welfare Organizations

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the representatives of social welfare organizations through video conferencing. During the video chat, he said that India is showing great resilience, courage & patience in combating the COVID-19 menace.

He recalled Gandhiji’s beliefs, who would say that serving the poor & downtrodden is the best way to serve the country. Also, he appreciated the dedication and commitment of the organizations that are serving humankind in these turbulent times.

Also, the PM noted that these organizations have three well-defined specialties: humane approach, extensive reach, and connect with people and a service mindset. And due to this, they are trusted entirely. He added that the country is going through an unprecedented crisis and needs these organizations’ services and resources.

PM Modi said that the organizations could play a vital role in providing necessities to the poor and can also dedicate their medical facilities and volunteers for serving patients and the needy. He stressed that India needs short-term measures and a long-term vision to defeat the virus.

Moreover, the PM said that they have a huge role to play in confronting superstitions, beliefs, and misinformation. He mentioned that in the name of beliefs, people are gathering in places, and ridiculing social distancing norms. He added that it is essential to further spread the significance of maintaining social distancing to contain the virus spread.

Further, the social welfare organizations’ members commended the PM’s leadership in dealing with a difficult situation. They praised the government’s pro-active measures, which are effective in checking the virus spread. They also pledged support to the PM-CARES fund and added that their workforce would be dedicated entirely to the cause of serving India in these times of crisis.

Even they mentioned the work being done by them to counter the challenge through awareness campaigns via digital means, distribution of essentials, food packets, sanitizers, medicines, and the provision of medical help to needy.

Furthermore, the PM reiterated the need to spread awareness, help the poor and needy by securing necessities, providing medical facilities, and dedicating the volunteers towards the cause of serving COVID-19 affected people. He emphasized the significance of offering medical and scientific advice and avoiding misinformation. He also stressed the need to continue working together to fight the pandemic.

The PM tweeted a thread on his official handle-

“In our country, social organisations have a very important role in ensuring positive changes in society. Today I interacted with leading social welfare organisations on ways to fight COVID-19.”

He added-

“Social organisations are embodiments of compassion. They have a deep-rooted connect with people and they are at the forefront of service. Their role is very important in times such as these, when we are battling the menace of COVID-19. #IndiaFightsCorona”

He also said-

“Representatives from social organisations spoke at length about how they are working to fight Coronavirus. They are spreading awareness, emphasising on social distancing, feeding the poor and more. Their proactive efforts are laudable. #IndiaFightsCorona”

Besides, PM Modi held a video-conference with the heads of all the Indian Embassies and High Commissions around the globe. This conference was convened to talk about responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PM said that extraordinary times need extraordinary solutions. That is why even during this globalized era, most parts of the world are in quarantine. It is an inevitable step to combat this pandemic, but it also has huge consequences. The closure of the globalized system has had a far-reaching influence on the global transport system, financial markets, and the world economy.

Also, PM Modi said that the country took unprecedented and early steps to fight the global pandemic from mid-January this year, decrease the risk of importing the infection, and check on the extensive outbreak. India’s quarantine and lock-down is the world’s largest one.

The PM praised the Heads of Missions for their efforts to evacuate Indians stranded abroad in some epicenters of the crisis. In response, the ten Heads of Mission in different parts of the world shared their viewpoints.

The Heads of Missions talked about their efforts to help Indians stranded abroad, especially students and workers. They also discussed efforts to identify medicine, medical devices, technologies, research, and other measures that might aid India’s efforts to combat this pandemic.

The Mission Heads emphasized measures to help the national responses of the countries using the India-led special fund for SAARC nations to fight COVID-19. They also thanked the PM for his guidance and inspiration.

On a concluding note, the PM stressed that India’s Missions may be far from home but remain fully accessible in India’s fight against COVID-19. He added that the unity and attentiveness of all Indians would help protect India’s future.

He wrote in a tweet-

“Interacted with heads of our Missions abroad on the COVID-19 situation. We discussed many issues including ways to combat Coronavirus and the role our Missions can play in assisting Indians abroad.”

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#MannKiBaat: PM Modi’s Radio Address on India’s Fight Against COVID-19

#MannKiBaat: PM Modi’s Radio Address on India’s Fight Against COVID-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the 10th episode of Mann Ki Baat 2.0 (monthly radio address) on Sunday. For the March month, his address revolved around issues related to Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Also, he apologized to them for taking tough decisions and reiterated that the fight against the virus requires to do so.

He added that it is crucial to keep the country’s citizens safe and showed confidence that we would overcome COVID-19. He said-

“The Lockdown will keep the people as well as their families safe and those who are not following the rule of isolation will be in trouble.”

The PM shared his thoughts and said that he feels sorry for the problems everyone is facing, especially the poor because of the lockdown. Empathizing with the people, he said that there’s no other choice to combat COVID-19 in a country of 130 crore people. Considering the global scenario, he added that these forceful measures are taken as it is a situation of life or death.

Moreover, he quoted an adage-

“Evam Evam Vikar, api tarunha Saadhyate Sukham”

It means-

“An illness and its scourge should be nipped in the bud itself.”

He even emphasized that when it becomes incurable, treatment is very hard. He said that the Coronavirus confined the entire world. PM Modi said-

“It is posing a challenge to Knowledge, science, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak alike. It is not confined to any nation’s borders, nor does it make distinction of region or season.”

Further, the PM asked humans to rise unitedly to eradicate the virus. He explained that abiding the nationwide 21-day lockdown is not only to help others but also a way of protecting oneself. He requested the citizens to protect themselves and their families for the coming days and follow the “Lakshman Rekha.”

Also, he said that some people are violating the lockdown and not understanding the seriousness of the matter. He urged them to abide by the lockdown rule, or else it would be hard to save ourselves from the Coronavirus menace.

Citing an adage “Aarogyam Param Bhagyam, Swasthyam Sarwaarth Sadhanam,” which means good health is the greatest fortune, the PM emphasized that health is the only way to happiness in the world.

Watch his full radio address here:

“Talking about aspects relating to COVID-19 during #MannKiBaat”

Earlier, he interacted with people associated with the AYUSH sector. He tweeted on his official handle-

“Today, I interacted with those associating with the AYUSH sector. They shared their insights on how we can overcome COVID-19. The AYUSH sector has a long contribution in keeping our nation healthy.”

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#G20VirtualSummit: PM Modi Interacts with World Leaders on COVID-19

#G20VirtualSummit: PM Modi Interacts with World Leaders on COVID-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Extraordinary Virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit about COVID-19 pandemic on Thursday. It marked the conclusion of the Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors Meeting & G20 Sherpas Meeting on the pandemic. Earlier, he interacted with SAARC nations’ leaders via video conferencing.

With different world leaders, he discussed the challenges of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak & come up with a globally coordinated response. During the meeting, the G20 leaders consented to practice all essential measures to contain the pandemic and protect people. Also, they encouraged the strengthening of the WHO’s mandate in the struggle against pandemics. This includes the delivery of medical supplies, diagnostic tools, treatments, medicines, and vaccines.

Moreover, the leaders showed their commitment towards using all available policy tools for minimizing the economic and social cost of the pandemic and restoring global growth, market stability, and bolstering resilience. The G20 nations pledged more than $5 trillion into the global economy to combat the social & economic impact of COVID-19. The leaders even agreed to make voluntary contributions to the WHO-led COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Furthermore, PM Modi thanked the King of Saudi Arabia for convening this virtual G20 session. The PM mentioned the alarming social and economic cost of the pandemic. He added that 90% of the cases and 88% of deaths were in G20 nations, which shares 80% of world GDP and 60% of the global population. He asked the G20 to propose a solid action plan to combat the global pandemic.

Further, PM Modi emphasized the need to put human beings at the focus of our vision of global prosperity and cooperation, freely and openly share the benefits of medical research and development, develop adaptive, responsive, and humane health care systems, promote new crisis management protocols and procedures for an interconnected global village, strengthen and reform intergovernmental organizations like WHO and work together to decrease economic difficulties due to COVID-19, especially for the economically weak.

Additionally, the PM urged the G20 nations’ leaders to help lead new globalization for the collective well-being of humankind and have multilateral fora focus on supporting the shared interests of humanity.

At the Summit ended, a G20 Leader’s Statement was issued that sought a coordinated global response to combating the pandemic, taking measures to safeguard the global economy, and reducing trade disruption, and improving global cooperation.

PM Modi shared the blog link with details and wrote in his tweet on the official handle-

“Joined the #G20VirtualSummit earlier today. Various world leaders discussed ways to fight COVID-19. In my remarks, I spoke about the need to place health and human welfare at the top of our global priorities. Here are the highlights.”

Besides, the PM addressed the Radio Jockeys from across the country and tweeted-

“Today I had an extensive interaction with Radio Jockeys from different parts of India. Radio has a major role to play in spreading awareness on ways to fight COVID-19. I shared some ideas on how the radio can do so and also heard their innovative ideas.”

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PM Modi Addresses People of Kashi on COVID-19 via Video Conferencing

PM Modi Addresses People of Kashi on COVID-19 via Video Conferencing

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the people of Kashi (his constituency) via a video conference. It was PM Modi’s first address to the people of Varanasi since the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. He said that the war of Mahabharat took 18 days to end, while it may take 21 days (lockdown) for India to emerge victorious in battle against COVID-19.

During the address, he said that being the Member of Parliament from Varanasi, he should have been present with them. Though, in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible because of circumstances in Delhi. He said that despite being busy, he takes daily updates about Varanasi from his colleagues.

Adding to that, the PM thanked the people of Varanasi for performing rituals and offering prayers to Goddess Shailputri to give everyone strength in combating the virus. He remarked-

“At times, people don’t pay attention to things which are important, the same is happening in India.”

Also, he requested the people to be aware of the facts and disregard rumors. He added that COVID-19 does not discriminate between the rich & poor & wouldn’t spare anybody if not preventions are not taken. He even expressed condolences to the families of people who lost their lives in the terror attack in Gurudwara in Kabul.

The PM declared that the govt formed a helpdesk, with WhatsApp collaboration, to get the right info on COVID-19. He said that it could be accessed via WhatsApp by messaging ‘Namaste’ on number 9013152515 in either Hindi or English.

Moreover, PM Modi urged people to take the initiative to make people understand how ill-treating professionals (doctors, nurses, and others), is wrong when they come across any such incident. He added that he directed the Home Ministry & DGPs to take strict action against people not supporting or cooperating with professionals serving all.

Furthermore, he stated that we saw how the citizens supported Janata Curfew & expressed gratitude at 5-PM to professionals serving humanity. He added that the healthcare professionals working in white uniforms in hospitals are God-like for us all. They are protecting and saving our lives by risking their own. He even replied to queries and doubts of people from different fields in his constituency.

Watch the Complete Address Here:

“Discussing aspects relating to COVID-19 with the people of Kashi.”

Also, he shared the video link to press briefing on the evolving situation & actions taken to contain the disease. He tweeted on his official handle-

“There’s a coordinated and committed effort being put in at all levels to fight COVID-19. Do listen to this important and informative press briefing on the evolving situation and actions taken. #IndiaFightsCorona”

And on the special occasion of several festivals celebrated yesterday, he greeted the people and tweeted-

“We are celebrating various festivals across India and also the start of a New Year as per our traditional calendar.

Greetings on Ugadi, Gudi Padava, Navreh and Sajibu Cheiraoba.

May these auspicious occasions bring good health, happiness and prosperity in our lives.”

He further wrote in his tweet-

“We are marking these festivals at a time when our nation is battling the COVID-19 menace.

The celebrations will not be like they are usually but they will strengthen our resolve to overcome our circumstances.

May we keep working to fight COVID-19 together.”

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COVID-19: PM Declares 21-Day India Lockdown, Addresses the Nation

COVID-19: PM Declares 21-Day India Lockdown, Addresses the Nation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown due to rising cases of Novel Coronavirus pandemic. To contain the virus spread: this complete lockdown came into effect from today midnight. A few days ago, he announced lockdown in 75 districts of the country, where COVID-19 cases or casualties were confirmed.

During a special televised address to the nation, PM Modi said that even the nations with the best medical facilities could not contain the virus. Thus social distancing is the only solution to reduce its impact.

He said-

“All of you are also witnessing how the most advanced countries of the world have been rendered absolutely helpless by this pandemic. It is not that these countries are not putting in adequate efforts or they lack resources. The Coronavirus is spreading at such a rapid pace that despite all the preparations and efforts, these countries are finding it hard to manage the crisis.

The analysis of happenings in all these countries since the last two months, and the opinion of experts has proved that there is only one way to effectively deal with Coronavirus – Social Distancing.”

The PM also cautioned the careless people and said,

“Carelessness of a few, ill-conceived notions of a few can put you, your children, your parents, your family, your friends, the entire country in grave jeopardy. It will be impossible to estimate the price India will have to pay if this carelessness continues.”

Also, he requested the people to take the lockdown that the State Governments imposed across the nation with full sincerity. The PM declared that from today midnight onwards, the whole country is under full lockdown. A complete ban is imposed on people from stepping out of their homes for 21 days.

He said this decision is taken based on the experiences of health sector experts and other nations, and a 21-day lockdown is necessary to break the chain of infection.

Adding to that, he said that it will be a few levels above Janata Curfew and would be even stricter. He said it is vital to protect the country and its citizens against the virus.

Talking about the economic impact of the pandemic, PM said-

“The nation will have to certainly pay an economic cost because of this lockdown. However, to save the life of each and every Indian is our top most priority. Hence, It is my plea to you to continue staying wherever you are right now in the country.”

Then, explaining that if the situation is not brought under control in the coming three weeks, India could go back 21 years. Many families would be devastated forever. So, he urged the citizens to do only one thing in these 21 days – stay at their homes.

Moreover, PM Modi said that the experiences of nations that have restrained Coronavirus give a ray of hope. He said that they observed lockdown, and people followed the rules to overcome the crisis.

The PM remarked,

“India is at a stage where our current actions will determine how much we are able to minimize the impact of this disaster. It’s time to consistently keep strengthening our resolve. It’s time to exercise caution at every step. You have to remember that Jaan hai toh Jahaan hai. This is the time for patience and discipline. Until the lockdown situation remains, we must keep our resolve, we must keep our promise.”

Further, he stated that the Centre and State govt are working proactively to make sure the citizens do not face a lot of inconvenience in their everyday life. He added that provisions are made to ensure that supplies of all essential items carry out smoothly. Besides the governments, he said people from civil societies & institutions are continually striving to reduce the problems of the poor.

PM Modi declared that the government granted Rs. 15,000,00,00,000 to strengthen the medical infrastructure and treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Furthermore, he urged the people to beware of rumors or superstitions floating around during this time. He asked them not to take any medication without consulting doctors if you have any symptoms of this virus infection.

Besides, the PM commended all Indians who contributed with full responsibility and sensitivity to ensure the Janata Curfew’s success. He added-

“Through one day of Janata-Curfew, India proved that at the time of crisis befalling our nation, at the time of crisis befalling humanity, how each and every Indian comes together to put forth united efforts to deal with it.”

On a concluding note, the PM said that though a 21-day lockdown seems long, it is crucial for you and your family’s safety. He expressed faith that each Indian would not only successfully combat this tough situation but also come out victorious.

Watch the Full Address Here:

“Addressing the nation on battling the COVID-19 menace. #IndiaFightsCorona”

In a tweet, he reiterated that people do not need to panic

“My fellow citizens,


Essential commodities, medicines etc. would be available. Centre and various state governments will work in close coordination to ensure this.

Together, we will fight COVID-19 and create a healthier India.

Jai Hind!”

He urged them to avoid panic buying and added-

“By converging around shops, you are risking the spread of COVID-19.

No panic buying please.

Please stay indoors.

I repeat- Centre and State Governments will ensure all essentials are available.”

After a video chat with electronic media stakeholders on Monday, he also held a video conference with the print media journalists and stakeholders yesterday. He tweeted on his official handle-

“Earlier today, interacted with those associated with the print media. We discussed many subjects relating to fighting the COVID-19 menace and the role media can play in times such as this.”

Also, he interacted with the doctors, nurses, and lab technicians from across the nation via video conferencing. He wrote in a tweet-

“This evening, I had an extensive interaction with doctors, nurses and lab technicians from all over the country. I lauded them for their exceptional efforts to ensure our nation is healthy. #IndiaFightsCorona”

He further tweeted-

“Doctors, nurses and lab technicians shared their insights and experiences of tackling COVID-19.

What was heartening was their unwavering determination to ensure care for every citizen.

India salutes them for everything they are doing for the nation.”

Image credits: The Economic Times