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PM Narendra Modi Oman Visit Updates: The Growing Partnership Between India And Oman

PM Narendra Modi Oman Visit Updates: The Growing Partnership Between India And Oman

The Indian Navy is now able to access the facilities at Duqm airport in Oman. This was during Indian Prime Minister visit to Oman that gave India a foothold in enlarging its neighborhood. Mr. Narendra Modi met Sultan of Oman; Sayyid Qaboos Bin said Al Saud and some legal documents were signed between the two countries. And now, the services of an airport and dry dock will be available for Indian military vessels. Duqm has seen a rapid change in Indian activities. It was in September last year when India deployed a submarine to this port in the Arabian Sea.

Hamed Saif Al-Rawahi

Both sides expressed satisfaction at the signing of an annexure to the existing MoU on Military Cooperation between the defence ministries, – sources said.

Oman is currently developing Duqm port along with a special economic zone as a regional economic hub. India has shown interest to participate in the Duqm port complex. This will give India greater access to West Asia where it has stepped up strategic and economic engagements,” – Oman’s Ambassador to India (Hamed Saif Al-Rawahi) told before his visit.

An Indo – Oman joint statement was released at the end –

“The two sides agreed to enhance cooperation to strengthen maritime security in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean regions, vital for the security and prosperity of both countries. “

India is gearing for a partnership with France as well Oman for its outreach in the different parts especially the western part of the Indian Ocean region.

PM Narendra Modi To Pay Three Visits To Karnataka In March

PM Narendra Modi To Pay Three Visits To Karnataka In March

PM Narendra Modi will address an enormous farmers rally which will be organised as part of BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa’s 75th birthday celebrations in Davangere on February 27.

Modi will pay four more visits to Karnataka in the next one month. He will visit Mysore to launch a slew of projects funded by the Union government. He will dedicate to the nation electrified double railway track between Mysore and Bangalore. Besides, he will flag off the new train service between Mysore and Rajasthan.

He will lay the foundation stone for the construction of the satellite railway station planned at Naganahalli at a cost of Rs 789.29 crore. He will launch the works on upgradation of the Mysuru-Bengaluru National Highway to eight lanes. He will also inaugurate the Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Hospital. Later, the PM will address BJP workers a Maharaja’s College Grounds at 4.30 pm. According to Yeddyurappa, a mega rally will be organised in Vijayapura on March 4 which will be addressed by Modi and it will be followed by another rally in Raichur on March 13.

PM Modi’s Gulf Visits Could Prove Useful In Maintaining Balanced Bilateral Relationships With The Gulf Nations

PM Modi’s Palestine Visit Is A Step Toward Better Bilateral Relations

Narendra Modi’s consistent efforts for India’s “extended neighborhood” in the Gulf, where the core of Indian interest lies. Modi has de-hyphenated India’s relations with Israel and Palestine through proactive engagement and fine balancing. Hence, he hosted president Mahmoud Abbas before undertaking his standalone visit to Israel (July 2017) and is now visiting Palestine soon after the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The historic visit of the PM reveals India’s new approach toward Israel and Palestine. The two are now dealt separately at bilateral level and independent of each other. India wishes to take the relations with both Israel and Palestine independently without getting complicated by third party prisms.​

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Parliament Speech Digs Congress’ Negligent Past

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Parliament Speech Digs Congress’ Negligent Past

Narendra Modi was unforgiving in criticizing Congress in Parliament on issues ranging from ‘dynasty politics’, ‘scams’, ‘negligent governance’ to problems created due to ‘hasty’ bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh which wants special status. However, he also reached out to the Opposition on suggestions for making schemes like Ayushman Bharat a success.


He claimed the real NPAs were 82% and not 36%, as the previous Congress-led regime “had wrongly claimed” and that the total advance made by banks rose from Rs 18 lakh crore to Rs 52 lakh crore.

He also addressed several issues from the past blaming congress for the mess created in the history. ‘How can one of the leaders say India got democracy due to Pandit Nehru and Congress party? Is this their reading of India’s history? What arrogance is this?’

Country is suffering due to the ‘wrong’ policies of Congress since Independence; party spent time singing paeans to one family instead of focusing on people’s welfare.

On Kashmir PM said: Had Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel been the first PM, a part of Kashmir would not have been under control of Pakistan.

Narendra Modi’s TOP (Tomato, Onion, Potato) Message To Farmers

Narendra Modi’s TOP (Tomato, Onion, Potato) Message To Farmers

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday say’s his government foremost priority is Tomato, Onion, Potato (TOP).

Relating to a theme, Modi pitched chief ministerial candidate in Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa as farmer friendly.

He said – “The farmers who grow vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, onions, and potatoes that are also the top priority for us. Take T from tomato, O from Onion and P from Potato, you get TOP. Farmers are TOP priority for us”

According to him, the budget distribution of 14.5 lakh crore for rural and agriculture areas will benefit the backward classes reducing pressure on urban areas. He further announced that farmers producing fruits and vegetables will be given priority by Modi’s government through the Operation Greens scheme launched in the Union Budget last week.

“Even farmers producing fruits and vegetables are important to us. They have top priority. If you go to any corner of India, you will find three vegetables — tomato, onion, and potato. That is why I call it the top priority — the T of tomato, the O of Onion and the P of potato — the TOP priority. Keeping these farmers in my mind, we announced Operation Greens in the Budget. Like how Amul is a model in the milk sector for enhancing the income of dairy farmers, Operation Greens will assure incomes for tomato, onion, potato… and all vegetable farmers”

Relating to a theme, Modi pitched chief ministerial candidate in Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa as farmer friendly.

If Yeddyurappa, son of a farmer, becomes CM of Karnataka, the projects for farmers will work at its best because Yeddyurappa has farmer’s best interest at heart. When facilities are provided to villages, migration to cities will go down and the mounting pressure on cities will be released.”

Besides this, he also outlined the party’s plan for the state which adds bonanza for farmers, suburban railway for Bengaluru and Arun Jaitley’s budget which was released last week.

Narendra Modi’s Book (Exam Warriors) Highlights 25 Mantras To Deal With Exam Stress

Narendra Modi’s Book (Exam Warriors) Highlights 25 Mantras To Deal With Exam Stress

In the good response to ‘Mann Ki BaatPrime Minister Narendra Modi decided to join those thoughts, wondering them in some new insights and story in the form of the book. PM Modi’s book ‘Exam Warriors’ is published by Penguin Random House. Mr. Modi wrote this book to help students cope up with the exam pressure, the book is all set to be out on Saturday.

Narendra Modi

The publication revealed the insights of a book – the book suggests ways to overcome examination stress, how to make the best use of energy and time, how to stay calm during the examinations. The book will be made available in different languages for students preparing for an examination. The book will cover different aspects that students can relate to and will cover more about 10th and 12th examinations.

Addressing the parents Narendra Modi, ask to parents “always accept rather than expect”. He also advises the teacher to “empower the students to pursue their interests as well as create their own opportunities. Motivate them so that they do something driven by their passion instead of seeking to become something”.

In one chapter – ‘Presentation is key – master It’ he says – ‘good presentation is like beautiful icing on your favourite cake—it enhances the tastes and leaves a lasting impression’

A book is actually more than just preparing for exams, it also focuses on sleep, travel, and play. The publisher says –

“this book will be a friend not only in acing exams but also facing life.”

Union Budget 2018: Vikas Purush Narendra Modi Will Go Back As ‘Man Of The Poor’

During the budget speech, finance minister Arun Jaitley revealed how the political leadership of the country had observed poverty. In that passing reference, the full speech lies the clue to understanding the message of the union budget before 2019 elections. In 2014, Mr. Modi went across India and indicated himself as a ‘Vikas Purush’ or say the development man. Arun Jaitley’s speech made it clear as Modi will go back as the man of the poor. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley

The budget unveils that Modi government’s political response is basically for the ease of living. The government will continue to proclaim Ujjwala, the distribution of gas cylinders to women. Secondly, the finance minister mentioned Saubhagya the promise of charging poor households.

Indian Prime minister once spoke about the potential of the poor:

“I can see their power. If the poor get educated, he will give results. If he gets to work, he will do more for the country.”

Modi then recognized the duties of the middle class –

‘They have to pay taxes… They have to conform to norms of society. They have to bear the maximum economic load.”

modi and amit saha NDA

Modi’s ‘India ‘Shining Moment’ And Meeting With NDA And BJP’s

Yesterday, President Ram Nath Kovind addressed in Parliament the Center’s assessment of policies and it seems that he has provided ‘India Shining Moment’ as Modi’s government is at the end of their 5-year tenure. The President also claimed that during his tenure the inequalities have been reduced to the half in the last few years, he also initiated the Jan Dhan bank accounts to economy involvement.

Modi’s ‘India ‘Shining Moment’ And Meeting With NDA And BJP’s

The President clearly indicated that the government is entering ‘India Shining ‘bubble just a year before the Lok Sabha election campaign. Besides this, on Monday on Monday morning PM Mr. Modi also met both NDA and BJP’s leaders. He reportedly asked the NDA leaders to work in creating the environment in favor of Lok Sabha and Assembly polls –a BJP ally said.

The sources said – The BJP-led NDA also passed a resolution hailing Modi for his speech in the World Economic Forum in Davos and the presence of heads of ten ASEAN countries as chief guests at the Republic Day parade.

The NDA meeting was then followed by a meeting of the BJP Party executive in which Amit Shah focused on the need for the presence of MP’s in parliament to assist the government during the session.

Narendra Modi Hits off His Foreign Policy Vision Of India As A Calculated Global Player

Historically, the plenary session commences in the evening, but to manage with Narendra Modi all agreed to begin it on a morning, this shows how strategic India and PM Mr. Modi is important to World Economic Forum. This year began with the busy calendar and two strong moves – hosting all 10 ASEAN leaders for 26th January celebrations as chief guests to mark the 25th anniversary of Asia Pacific club and an invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an official welcoming ceremony upon his arrival to Israel at Ben Gurion Airport, near Tel Aviv

“That all the leaders of ASEAN have agreed to attend the commemorative summit to celebrate 25 years of India’s dialogue partnership with the organisation, 15 years of summitry and five years of strategic partnership, and would be guests on Republic Day is the greatest testimony to New Delhi’s depth and breadth of engagement and understanding in the region, both bilaterally and multilaterally, and reflects Modi’s proactive foreign policy,” said Baladas Ghoshal India’s expert on South East Asia.

Amidst of the hectic schedule, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi managed to stop at Davos to meet global CEO’s, addressed the plenary session and have bilateral meetings with top leaders of Canada, Zimbabwe, and Switzerland. No doubt Mr. Modi is quite energetic and much-balanced person to manage the Indian economy and establishments.

India is at the global center stage,” said Chandrajit Banerjee, director general, Confederation of Indian Industry. “Expectations are huge. The world is appreciative of its efforts and wants to engage. In February, the Canadian state visit will be crucial and a huge business, a political delegation will be visiting, followed by the French head of state.”

It is expected that Mr. Modi will host French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. In addition, it is also speculated that he will visit Kathmandu and will travel to London to attend his first Commonwealth Summit in April.

Two months later, the ASEAN Chair will host Mr. Modi on June 1st for the Shangri La Dialogue. In the latter half of 2018, he will off to South Africa to attend BRICS Summit. Meetings with key allies Russia and Japan are also due.

China will always remain a challenge for Indian foreign policy. “Beijing does not hide its ambition to become a great power,” said Arvind Gupta former deputy national security advisor.

It is becoming assertive. Its hegemonic tendencies need to be watched. India should reduce capability asymmetries with respect to China. A rise of China will make India relook its foreign policy. India will need to strengthen its Act East Policy and shape the Indo-Pacific concept.”

In Davos, it was all true for all to see Mr. Modi chasing the global audience with his vision of a new India.

Highlights From Davos: Narendra Modi To CEO’s- Lets See What You All Say After The Budget Is Released

Highlights From Davos: Narendra Modi To CEO’s- Lets See What You All Say After The Budget Is Released

Prime minister attended meeting with top CEO’s from across the world. Here is a quick highlight what had happened over there – it includes reaction to PM’s Speech and some cut-off revelatory comments made by him.

CEO’s Reached Before Time to Hear His Speech

There were some chief executives who literally didn’t want to miss Narendra Modi’s speech and reach before the door was opened.

The Reaction On 52 Minute Long Speech

Some CEO”s were asked to react to Modi’s speech, everyone praised out his wordings but few said that 52 minute speech was too long and somehow repetitive.

Speech In Hindi Or English

Before his speech, it was the topic of the town whether he would speak in the native language or not. There were some who suggested that he should speak in Hindi i.e. in Rashtrabhasha, just like Xi Jinping did in the last meeting in Switzerland. Just after he started delivering the speech, the audience started putting headphones to know the translation.

Modi’s Revelatory Comment

Just after his speech, he was scheduled for a meeting with CEO’s but he alleviated the tension as he sat down for a photograph. He told them – Why aren’t you smiling? And after the shoot, he said –“All of you seem pleased with me at the moment, but let us see what you say after the budget is presented.”