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PM Narendra Modi Speaks at a Public Meeting in Dhanbad, Jharkhand


For the ongoing poll campaigning in Jharkhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his rally spree by addressing a rally in Dhanbad on Thursday. Recently, he rallied at Barhi and Bokaro in the state. And earlier, he spoke at the public meetings in Khunti and Jamshedpur. PM Modi’s Assembly election campaigning began on 26 November in Daltonganj and Gumla.

During yesterday’s rally, the PM spoke about different schemes and projects that have been benefitting the people of the state. He talked about establishing AIIMS and IIT in Jharkhand that had been long-time due. So finally, our govt fulfilled the demand.

Further, the opposition party (Congress) had promised in the past to provide relief to the persecuted minority refugees but failed to do so. Their living condition in Pakistan was similar to the way they were treated by Congress govt. Attempts are being made to fuel tensions in the Northeast region.

PM Modi mentioned the commitments his govt has fulfilled, saying that people across the nation have faith in our party as we have delivered on its promises. In only six months, we have proved that no matter how big the difficulties or their resolutions are, we have worked tirelessly to complete them. PM Modi referred to the Ayodhya verdict and asserted that as promised, our govt peacefully solved the long-standing issue, which opposition was blocking.

Also, he thanked the people of Jharkhand for their valuable support and said that its double-engine growth became possible as the party was in power both at the Centre and the state.

About the scrapping of Article 370 and 35A in Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi said that we only thought in favor of the country, which is why the article was withdrawn. He added that the Constitution of India was enforced in the state.

PM criticized the opposition for questioning the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill that was passed in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha this week. He said that the millions of refugees came to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan and are living in India for decades. He added that the opposition used them only for vote bank politics.

PM Modi sought higher voter turn out and urged people of Jharkhand to visit voting booths and cast their votes in large numbers. Sharing the pictures from the Dhanbad rally, PM Modi tweeted on his official handle-

“Thank you Dhanbad for the affection.

BJP is committed to fulfil the aspirations of Jharkhand’s youth.”

Watch his full rally address here:

“There is great appreciation for BJP’s development agenda in Dhanbad. Watch.”

Citizenship Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha, PM Calls it a Landmark Day for India

New Delhi: After the CAB or Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 passage in Lok Sabha (Lower House) on Monday, the Bill was passed in Rajya Sabha (Upper House) yesterday after almost six hours of debate. Home Minister Amit Shah led the discussion on the CAB in both the Houses.

Shah addressed the Rajya Sabha and answered several questions raised by the members in the house before the start of the voting on the Bill. In the 245-member Rajya Sabha, 125 people voted in favor of the bill and 99 against it. The bill would now go to President Ram Nath Kovind for approval.

Soon after the CAB was passed in Upper House, Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the move and regarded it as “a landmark day for India and our nation’s ethos of compassion and brotherhood.”

He tweeted on his official handle-

“A landmark day for India and our nation’s ethos of compassion and brotherhood!

Glad that the #CAB2019 has been passed in the #RajyaSabha. Gratitude to all the MPs who voted in favour of the Bill.

This Bill will alleviate the suffering of many who faced persecution for years.”

Showing opposition to the bill, wide-spread protests are taking place in the northeast, including Assam and Tripura. On this, PM Modi wrote in a tweet-

“I want to assure my brothers and sisters of Assam that they have nothing to worry after the passing of #CAB.

I want to assure them- no one can take away your rights, unique identity and beautiful culture. It will continue to flourish and grow.”

He further tweeted-

“The Central Government and I are totally committed to constitutionally safeguard the political, linguistic, cultural and land rights of the Assamese people as per the spirit of Clause 6.”

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 or CAB promises to grant Indian citizenship to non-Muslims (Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Parsis, and Sikhs) from neighboring countries who fled Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan before 2015.

The bill was originally proposed in 2016 during the first term of PM Modi-led government but lapsed after the protests and an alliance partner’s withdrawal. The ruling party BJP had included the Bill as part of its manifesto in this year’s general elections and called it necessary.

Shah said-

“In these three countries, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and Christians, followers of these six religions have been tormented.”

PM Modi ‘Overjoyed’ over Constitution Bill Passage in Lok Sabha

PM Modi Feels ‘Overjoyed’ over Constitution Bill Passage in Lok Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, stated on his official Twitter handle that he was “overjoyed” on the unanimous passage of The Constitution (126th Amendment) Bill in Lok Sabha (Lower House). It offers an extension of another ten years to the reservation for SCs and STs in national and state legislatures. He added that his govt is committed to empowering people of India, especially the marginalized.

The PM tweeted-

“I am overjoyed on the unanimous passage of The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Sixth Amendment) Bill, 2019 that extends SC/ST reservations for ten more years.

We are unwaveringly committed towards the empowerment of our citizens, especially the marginalised.”

In the House, 355 MPs voted in favor of the bill, and none of them voted against it. As it was a Constitution bill, the voting took place through division. When the Lok Sabha members voted for the Bill, PM Narendra Modi was present.

The SCs, STs, and Anglo-Indians’ reservation that was provided for the last 70 years in Lok Sabha and state Assemblies was due to end on 25 January 2020.

The Union Minister of Law and Justice, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said that the quota in legislatures was needed to establish a new political leadership of both the communities. He further added that the government does not believe in the ‘creamy layer’ concept for SCs and STs since they are anyway backward, and there isn’t any need to ‘segregate’ them based on this.

Moreover, the reservation for Anglo-Indians in the form of “nomination” would expire next year in January since the Bill does not provide an extension to the community. On this, many members of the House expressed concerns. In his response on the matter, Law and Justice Minister Shankar said that the doors are not closed, and granting of nomination Anglo-Indians would be considered.

Citizenship Amendment Bill Passed in Parliament, PM Modi Praises Home Minister

Citizenship Amendment Bill Passed in Parliament, PM Modi Praises Home Minister

On Monday, the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019 was passed in the Lower House (Lok Sabha) of the Parliament after 12 hours of rich and extensive debate. The House passed the bill at midnight, with 311 MPs voting in favor of it and 80 against it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed delight over the move and welcomed the Bill. Thanking the MPs and parties who supported the bill, he said that it is aligned to India’s centuries-old ethos of assimilation and belief in humanitarian values.

However, he was not present in the House when the Bill was passed. The PM tweeted on his official handle,

“Delighted that the Lok Sabha has passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 after a rich and extensive debate. I thank the various MPs and parties that supported the Bill. This Bill is in line with India’s centuries old ethos of assimilation and belief in humanitarian values.”

In another tweet, PM Modi praised Union Home Minister Amit Shah for offering a clear explanation of all aspects of the bill and providing detailed answers to the MPs who raised points during the discussion in the House. He wrote-

“I would like to specially applaud Home Minister @AmitShah Ji for lucidly explaining all aspects of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019. He also gave elaborate answers to the various points raised by respective MPs during the discussion in the Lok Sabha.”

During his speech in Parliament, Home Minister Shah assured-

“The bill has nothing to do with Indian Muslims. The bill only intends to provide protection to the persecuted minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.”

He added that there was no fear among the minorities in India. Shah stated-

“Even if some fear has risen after the statements by the opposition, I must assure every Indian that, under the Narendra Modi government, minorities have no reason to fear.”

The proposed bill ‘CAB’ paves a path to give citizenship to Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, and Christians from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh on the grounds of religious persecution with 31 December 2014 as the cut-off date.

PM Narendra Modi Speaks at the 54th DGPIGP Conference in Pune

PUNE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took part in the 54th DGsP/IGsP (Director Generals and Inspector Generals of Police) Conference on Saturday and Sunday, i.e., 7 and 8 December. Besides spearheading the discussions and offering valuable suggestions on the two-day event, PM Modi addressed the valedictory session of the conference yesterday evening. Also, he honored the officers of the Intelligence Bureau with the President’s police medals for their distinguished service.

Upon the PM’s direction, the one-day event was changed to a three-day event to encourage a meaningful exchange of views and experiences. The conference started in 2015. Moreover, the conference has been organized outside in various parts of the country. Also, the format of the Conference has witnessed notable changes in terms of the PM and the Union Home Minister’s presence.

In the lead-up to the Conference, the Committees of DGsP were set up for formulating the outlines of presentations, which are on current security threats. Furthermore, at the Conference, the break-out sessions help improve policy issues. This year, eleven core groups were formed to conduct brainstorming sessions on major aspects of internal and external security like terrorism, Naxalism, coastal security, cyber threats, combating radicalization, and narco-terrorism.

PM Modi praised the Conference for generating good inputs for policy planning and implementation and emphasized the emergence of solid outcomes from the finalized action points.

Moreover, PM Modi applauded the efforts made by the Indian police forces for maintaining nationwide peace and tranquility and ensuring normalcy. He said that we all must not forget the police families’ contribution as they stand firmly behind them. On every occasion, the PM said that they must strive to improve the police force’s image, inspiring confidence among all divisions of society, including women and children. He highlighted the role of effective policing in ensuring women’s safety and security.

The PM asked the heads of police departments for carrying forward the Conference’s spirit to the lowest level- from state to district to the police station (thana). After listening to the presentations given by various state police forces, he stated that a complete list of best practices could be developed and adopted by all the states and UTs.

Further, the PM added that the technology offers an effective weapon for ensuring pro-active policing that factors-in the common man’s feedback. He expressed his special interest in the development of the North-Eastern States, which is critical for the Act East Policy of the government. And he asked the DGPs of these states to make additional efforts for a conducive environment for the development programs.

On his concluding note, the PM recognized the pulls and pressures that the police officers face in the day to day discharge of duties. He added that whenever they are in doubt, they should recall the ideals and the spirit they had when they appeared for the civil services exams and keep working in the national interest.

In the first tweet of the thread, PM Modi called the conference ‘fruitful’ and wrote on his official handle-

“The 54th DGP/IGP Conference was a fruitful one. The discussions were extensive, comprehensive and covered many aspects. This time, there were break-out sessions which enabled more focused deliberations on specific topics.”

In another tweet, he wrote-

“During the DGP/IGP Conference, emphasised on regular sharing of best practices to make policing more effective. Also reiterated the need to use latest technology, which can help improve the law and order situation.”

In the last tweet of the thread, the PM wrote-

“Our Government is leaving no stone unturned to develop the Northeast. In this context, urged top police officials from the Northeast to keep playing an effective role that furthers the transformation of the entire region.”

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020: PM Modi Announces Contest for 9-12 Class Students

On Thursday, ahead of the Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC) 2020 program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a unique contest on his official Twitter handle in which the 9-12 class students can participate. The winners of the contest would get to attend the program scheduled to be held in January 2020 in New Delhi.

PM Modi shared the link having details of the contest and wrote in his tweet-

“Exams are approaching and so is Pariksha Pe Charcha!

Let us keep working together to ensure stress free examinations.

Here is a unique contest for student of Classes 9 to 12. The winners will get to attend PPC 2020 early next year!


And as PM Modi said in his recent Mann Ki Baat radio address on 24 Nov 2019, the third edition of the PPC program is being held earlier in January next year because the students had complained in the previous edition about it being organized just before the examination.

At the PPC 2020 program, the PM would be interacting with students, parents, and teachers. He would be discussing ways on how to deal with exam stress. Since 2018, PM Modi is holding this interactive session with the students, teachers, and parents every year to guide them and talk about how to ensure stress-free examinations.

CBSE, ICSE, and different state boards would begin organizing their board examinations from late January or early Feb 2020. Also, CBSE Class 10th and 12th board exams will start from 15 February 2020.

The exact date, time, and venue for PPC 2020 is yet to be announced. According to an official notice-

“The dates of interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be informed to those who are selected on the basis of submissions to questions below.”

The contest details for the selection of the students, teachers, or parents are available on the MyGov India Portal, https://innovate.mygov.in/ppc-2020/.

The PPC 2019 program was organized on 29 January at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. The program witnessed around 2000 students with their parents and teachers, interacting with PM Modi.


PM Modi & Maldives Prez Solih Jointly Launch Key Development Projects

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of the Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, jointly inaugurated various important development projects in the Maldives through video conferencing.

These key projects that were launched are Lighting up of Male with LED lights, Three Fish Processing plants, High Impact Community Development Projects, RuPay card, and Fast Interceptor Craft given to the Maldives. Also, Made in India Coast Guard Ship ‘Kaamyaab’ was gifted to the Maldives.

The PM congratulated Prez Solih on 1-year completion as the island nation’s President and regarded it as a significant and a landmark year for the relations between both nations, India and the Maldives. He added that it is the Indian govt’s ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy and Maldivian govt’s ‘India First’ policy that has led to enhanced bilateral cooperation in every sector.

On the Fast Interceptor Craft Coast Guard Ship ‘Kaamyaab,’ PM Modi said that it would help improve Maldives’ maritime security and also promote the blue economy and tourism in the region. Further, he expressed happiness about partnering through ‘Comprehensive Positive Impact Community Development Projects,’ supporting the livelihood of the island nation’s community.

PM Modi mentioned that people-to-people contact is one key aspect of close relations between the two nations. He added that India’s tourist figures in the Maldives have more than doubled, and direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru to the country have also started this week. About the launch of the RuPay payment mechanism, he said that it would facilitate the travel of Indians to the Maldives.

Moreover, PM Modi said that the govt is working towards the construction of a cancer hospital and cricket stadium in Hulhumale, while work on the water and sanitation project in 34 islands would start soon.

Reiterating his commitment to continue to partner with the Maldives for development and strengthening of democracy, the PM said that India and Maldives would boost cooperation for peace and security in the Indian Ocean Region.

Watch PM Modi’s address here-

PM Modi quoted a tweet of Prez Solih and wrote on his official handle-

“Maldives is a valued friend. We will always work to further enhance the bond between our nations.

There is immense potential to deepen cooperation in areas such as trade, culture, energy, blue economy and more. @ibusolih”

In another tweet, the PM wrote-

“A wonderful example of @makeinindia, this brilliant Fast Interceptor Craft will enhance prosperity and security for Maldives!”


PM Narendra Modi Addresses Rallies in Khunti & Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed two massive public meetings in Khunti and Jamshedpur in the poll-bound state of Jharkhand. First, he addressed an election rally in Khunti district at Birsa college and then the second one at Steel Maidan in Jamshedpur. Last Monday, PM Modi began the poll campaigning in the state and addressed two public rallies in Gumla and Daltonganj.

At yesterday’s first public rally in Khunti, PM Modi cited the different ways how his government has helped empower the Dalit community and said that his party stands by the tribal community of the state.

Showering praises for the veteran tribal leader Kariya Mundaand, PM Modi said that Kariya taught him the art of politics. Further, the PM mentioned how he had entrusted the responsibility of developing a new J&K to Lt Governor GC Murmu, a tribal from Odisha, after scrapping the state’s special status under Article 370 earlier this year.

Watch his rally address in Khunti here:

During his second rally in Jamshedpur, the PM mentioned that Jamshedji Tata – the founder of Tata Steel – belonged to Navsari in Gujarat, the state of which PM Modi was the CM from October 2001 to May 2014.

Watch his rally address in Jamshedpur here:

After both the rallies, PM Modi shared some pictures and thanked the people of the state for their affection. He tweeted-

“Thank you Jharkhand for the affection!

Here are glimpses from today’s rallies in Khunti and Jamshedpur.

The people of Jharkhand do not want an unstable and corrupt Government of Congress and JMM.

They want a development oriented government of BJP.”

Raghubar Das, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, is contesting for the Jamshedpur (East) seat. Also, State Rural Development Minister Neelkanth Singh Mundra is contesting from the Khunti (ST) seat. These two seats are among the 20 state constituencies that would be going to the polls on Saturday, i.e., 7 December.

The 5-phase elections in 81-member Jharkhand Assembly that began on 30 November would conclude on 20 December. The vote counting would occur on 23 December.




PM Modi Meets Swedish King & Queen, Holds Bilateral Discussions

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday, welcomed their Majesties King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden. The Swedish royal couple arrived yesterday morning and are on their 5-day visit to India, aiming to strengthen bilateral relations.

PM Modi tweeted with a few pictures on his official handle-

“Delighted to meet Their Majesties King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

We had extensive discussions on boosting cooperation between India and Sweden. Closer economic and cultural ties between our nations will greatly benefit our citizens.”

PM Modi and Sweden’s King chaired the India-Sweden High-Level Dialogue on Innovation Policy. This dialogue aimed at building a platform with major stakeholders in a triple helix format (government, private sector, and academia) for offering overall strategic direction for joint innovation policy.

PM Modi wrote in a tweet-

“Invigorating the India-Sweden friendship with closer cooperation in innovation and technology.

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and I chaired the India-Sweden High-Level Policy Dialogue on Innovation Policy.”

This high-level dialogue also aims at joint formulation and implementation of short- and long-term projects in strategic areas like circular economy, digital health, artificial intelligence, sustainable energy, and future mobility.

On this occasion, a joint Sweden-India project for the conversion of agriculture waste to bio-coal was announced. This project is initiated by the support of the office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government at National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali, in partnership with Bioendev, Sweden. It would help in converting paddy straw into high-energy bio-coal. The present plant holds the potential of converting 150 kg of agri-waste per hour into energy-efficient and clean bio-coal.

As per reports, a joint innovation partnership was signed between Indian and Sweden on 17 April last year during PM Modi’s visit to Sweden, furthering the bilateral collaboration and contributing to sustainable growth and new job opportunities. In the Joint Declaration on India-Sweden Innovation Partnership for a Sustainable Future, it was agreed that both countries would look to optimize the formal bilateral collaboration mechanisms, improve synergies between policy areas, and allow the exchange of experiences and best practices regarding innovation policies.

According to the officials,

“Several documents on furthering bilateral engagement are likely to be signed.”

The ties between both nations are on an upward trajectory in the past few years. Back in 2018, the bilateral trade volume was $3.37 billion.

The MEA stated-

“Bilateral relations between India and Sweden are friendly and based on principles of democracy and transparency, right to freedom, and rule of law. Regular interactions in political, business, scientific and academic spheres have provided dynamism to our bilateral ties.”

#6MonthsofIndiaFirst: PM Modi Completes Six Months of his 2nd Term


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Saturday, marked six months of his second term as the PM of India. He said that the government took several decisions to push the development, stimulate social empowerment, and improve national unity.

On his official Twitter handle, he posted a series of tweets with the hashtag, “6MonthsOfIndiaFirst.” He wrote in his first tweet-

“Inspired by the motto of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’ and with the blessings of 130 crore Indians, the NDA Government has continued working towards developing India and empowering the lives of 130 crore Indians with renewed vigour. #6MonthsOfIndiaFirst”

In another tweet, he said that the government at the Centre aspires to do even more in the future to create a prosperous and progressive New India. He added-

“During the last six months, we have taken numerous decisions that have furthered development, accelerated social empowerment and enhanced India’s unity. We aspire to do even more in the times to come, so that we create a prosperous and progressive New India. #6MonthsOfIndiaFirst”

The Information and Broadcasting Minister, Prakash Javadekar, tweeted about the historic judgments taken during these six months. Javadekar mentioned the scrapping of Article 370, 35A in Jammu and Kashmir, the Ayodhya verdict, and the rise in various global indices like Ease of Doing Business and Global Innovation Index as govt’s achievements.

He tweeted-

“#6MonthsOfIndiaFirst Repealing of #Art370 integrates J&K fully to #India; Ayodhya Verdict; meteoric rise in various global indices like Ease of Doing Business, Global Innovation Index; Justice to Muslim Women through passage of Triple Talaq Bill; PMKISAN Scheme for farmers…”

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Pralhad Joshi, tweeted about realizing ‘One Nation, One Flag, One Constitution’-

“With the efforts of PM @NarendraModi Ji & HM @AmitShah Ji, ‘One Nation, One Flag, One Constitution’ became a reality. J&K is fully integrated into India. #6MonthsOfIndiaFirst”

The Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development, Smriti Irani, wrote in a tweet about the transformation in the past six months-

“#6MonthsOfIndiaFirst –

Taking Nari Shakti to New Heights

Ushering in a Healthcare Revolution

Empowering Farmers

Fulfilling aspirations of middle class families”

Back in May 2019, PM Modi won in the Lok Sabha elections, and the BJP-led NDA government came back into power by a huge majority.