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PM Modi Meets US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross

PM Modi Meets US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had met with US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. Commerce & Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley were also present with PM Modi in the meeting.

US Secretary for Commerce who is leading a 100-member business delegation said that the data localization medical equipment, tariff and non-tariff barriers in pharma, automobiles, cell phones need to be sorted out.

Later in the meeting, Wilbur Ross, US Secretary for Commerce, has criticised India for imposing “significant” market access barriers for American companies in sectors like pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cellular phones, automobiles, and data handling, and has also expressed the hope that the new government will address it as early as June. However, in the meeting, India committed that we will address some of these barriers once the government is re-formed, probably in June start.

Ross said,

“Currently, US business faces significant market access barriers in India. These include both tariff and non-tariff barriers, as well as multiple practices and regulations that disadvantage foreign companies…. We applaud India’s commitment to address some of these barriers once the government is re-formed, probably starting in June.”

Further while addressing the US Trade Winds Indo-Pacific Business Forum and Mission Initiative 2019 in New Delhi, Wilbur Ross said that the US wants India to eliminate other obstacles which includes price control on pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and restrictive tariffs and inspection of electronic and telecommunication products.

The Commerce Secretary added,

“Tariff for telecom network equipment, including switches and parts of cellular phones, are as high as 20 percent, in stark contrast with US rates for the same products exported from India to the US, which is zero. That is not a justified environment.”

Further Prabhu, Commerce & Industry Minister pointed out in the address that last year India had imported an additional $8 billion worth of goods from the US, and with high-ticket items such as aircraft that the country could buy from companies such as Boeing in the future, the trade imbalance would shrink fast.

Prabhu said,

“There will come a time when we will sit here and discuss how to bring down India’s trade deficit with the US.”

However, in response to that, the US Secretary of Commerce said that the problem was that India’s exports to the US had increased more when US exports to India had gone up last year.

Ross said,

“Last year the total trade between our countries totaled a $142 billion, up almost $16 billion. It is also true that US exports to India last year increased by $7.4 billion, about 29 per cent, to $33 billion. But the problem is that India’s exports to the US also increased by 12 percent to $54 billion, resulting in a trade deficit of $21 billion. In the services sector, the US had a trade deficit of $3 billion with India.”

India’s average applied tariff rate was 13.8 percent – he later pointed out.

He said,

“That remains the highest amongst major world economies. It has 60 percent on automobiles as opposed to 2.5 percent in the US. It has 50 percent tariffs on motorbikes and 150 percent on alcoholic beverages. These are just a few extreme examples.”

The hour-long meeting centered on plenty of US concerns concerning India’s stringent position on data and e-commerce, amidst other issues.

After the meeting, PM Modi took to his social media account Twitter and wrote,

“Leadership of @POTUS towards enhancing India-US strategic partnership is invaluable.

India is committed to working with US for strengthening mutually beneficial relations, including in trade and investment.”

And then he tweeted,

“Had a wonderful meeting with U.S. Secretary of Commerce @SecretaryRoss.

It is a matter of great joy that the largest ever Trade Winds event is taking place in India.”

Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai' is the BJP’s Slogan for 2019 Polls

‘Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai’ is the BJP’s Slogan for 2019 Polls

On Thursday, in charge of the publicity division of the BJP, Arun Jaitley, announced that BJP introduced the new slogan “Modi hai to mumkin hai” (With Modi, it is possible) for the upcoming general elections. He re-introduced the Prime Minister, calling him a quick learner who easily adapted foreign policies, and well handled economic and strategic issues as he prepared to plunge into the next round of polls.

His words were,

“His image as a doer is now recognised by most Indians. Many India observers across the world have marvelled with India’s pace of taking decisions and implementing them. The BJP, therefore, has chosen an effective slogan for the forthcoming elections ‘Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai’ ‘Modi makes it possible’.”

Jaitley, the Minister of Corporate Affairs, put out a list of “landmark” decisions of the Modi-led government in a Facebook blog based on which he said that India maintained the position of globe’s fastest growing economy and its “sweet spot.”

He added,

“It is both the motivation and the leadership which made the vital difference. It is precisely for this reason that India will witness an election where people will get an opportunity to endorse Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, decisiveness, integrity, and performance. Indeed he makes it possible.”

Further in the ‘Agenda 2019 – Part-4’ blog post, Jaitley said that Modi has demonstrated during the last five years indefatigability by literally working round-the-clock.

As for 2014, the slogan was ‘Abki baar Modi sarkar‘ and this year it will be “Modi hai to mumkin hai.”

There are several achievements of Modi like from implementing a smooth GST to reducing direct and indirect taxes for the citizens, to building roads, rural homes, and highways, and assuring affordable hospital treatment to the poorest of the poor.

The Finance Minister further said,

“The Prime Minister and the Government have shown to the world that it is possible in India to run an honest Government in India. For the first time in history, a 10 percent reservation for the economically weaker sections of the non-reserved categories has been given in public employment and educational institutions.”

He added,

“India has demonstrated, both through the Surgical Strikes of 2016 and Air Strikes of 2019 that rather than merely dealing with terrorism within the country will not suffice. It is willing to adopt unconventional methods of attacking terror at the at the point of its origin.”

Jaitley continued,

“The above are only an illustrative list of the kinds of strides India is making. Has any government done more? It was the same governmental machinery, the same political system, the same implementation instruments that the government had at its disposal.

It is both the motivation and the leadership which made the vital difference. It is precisely for this reason that India will witness an election where the people will get an opportunity to endorse Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, decisiveness, integrity, and performance. Indeed he makes it possible.”

Pulwama Attack PM Says, “All Behind The Attack Will Pay A Heavy Price”

Pulwama Attack: PM Says, “All Behind The Attack Will Pay A Heavy Price”

On Thursday, as disapproval in the terror attack on a CRPF convoy poured in from all quarters, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi promised that the “sacrifices of our brave security personnel shall not go in vain.” Likewise, Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister of India who named Pakistan, said that a “strong reply” will surely be given.

An SUV carrying 350 kg of explosives had rammed a suicide bomber into a bus carrying the CRPF soldiers in the bloodiest attack in decades on security forces in Pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir.

He tweeted,

The attack on the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in Jammu & Kashmir has left almost 40 dead. In the same regard, Prime Minister who spoke to Union Home Minister and Ajit Doval(National Security Advisor) chaired a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on security at 9.15 am today. Along with the PM, the meeting was witnessed by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Therein the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said,

“Those behind the terrorist attack in Pulwama will have to pay a heavy price. The terrorists…they have made a big mistake. You will have to pay a very heavy price…I assure everyone that the forces behind the attack…we will bring them to justice.

There is much anger among people due to this terror attack. People’s blood is boiling. I understand this. The nation has some expectations at this moment. Emotion is running high to do something, which is natural. The security forces have been given free hand and we have full faith in the bravery of our soldiers.”

He added,

“I want to tell the terror outfits and their supporters that they have committed a grave mistake. I want to assure the nation that those who are behind this terror attack, those have committed this crime, will be definitely punished.”

Further, without taking the name of Pakistan, PM said,

“If our neighbor, which has been isolated in the world, thinks that by carrying out such attacks, hatching such conspiracies, it would be successful in bringing instability in India, it is a big mistake on its part.”

Later in the meeting, Union Minister Arun Jaitley stated that the government would take all possible diplomatic steps to assure Pakistan’s “complete isolation” and had withdrawn the ‘Most Favoured Nation’ status to the country.

In the same context, the Ministry of External Affairs said,

“The Government of India is firmly and resolutely committed to take all necessary measures to safeguard national security. We are equally resolved to fight against the menace of terrorism. We demand that Pakistan stop supporting terrorists and terror groups operating from their territory and dismantle the infrastructure operated by terrorist outfits to launch attacks in other countries.”

General DS Hooda, Former Northern Army Commander who also led the surgical strike in 2016 stated that Thursday’s terror attack is much bigger than the Uri Brigade headquarters attack. He continued saying,

“No terror organization claimed responsibility for the Uri attack. Now, however, a Pakistan based terror organization – the Jaish-eMohammed (JeM) – has taken responsibility for this attack. Pakistan will be under pressure, but my hunch is that New Delhi will have to act and retaliate. What will be the form and shape of the retaliation will be the prerogative of the government.”

Also, one National Investigation Agency or NIA team of 12-members will reach today to support the Jammu and Kashmir Police in forensic evaluation of the spot.

Moreover, after the meeting, Mr. Rajnath Singh will be visiting Srinagar to hold the review meetings with senior security and police officials and also to understand the situation to review besides operational actions.

The Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) took full responsibility for the attack.

PM Modi Launches 100 Rs Coin in Memory of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

PM Modi Launches 100 Rs Coin in Memory of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

On Monday, PM Modi introduces a commemorative coin worth Rs 100 in honor of Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is the highest denomination of coin in India. The former PM Atal Ji served best of his 93 years and died at the AIIMS in the national capital following a prolonged illness. It is his 94th birth anniversary on Tuesday.

In the event, PM Modi said,

“The mind is not ready to believe that Atal Ji is no longer with us. He was a stalwart loved and respected across all sections of society.”

Many political figures were present at the event including Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, BJP National President Amit Shah, Minister of State for Culture Mahesh Sharma, veteran BJP leader, and Vajpayee’s contemporary LK Advani.

Moreover, PM Modi said referring to Atal Ji,

“The party which Atal Ji built has become among the largest political parties. Generations of Karyakartas were fortunate to be mentored by him.

As a speaker, he was unparalleled.

He is among the best orators our nation has produced: PM @narendramodi”

Moreover, he said,

“Atalji wanted democracy to be supreme. He built the Jana Sangh. But, when the time came to rescue our democracy he and others went to Janata Party. Likewise, when the choice was between remaining in power or comprising on ideology, he left Janata Party and formed the BJP.”

Further PM Modi said,

“For some people, power is oxygen… they can’t live without it. A long part of Atalji’s career was spent in the Opposition benches but he spoke about national interest and never compromised on the ideology of the party.”

On the front face of the coin, there is national emblem along with its value—Rs 100 which is inscribed below the emblem. Also, the words ‘Satyamev Jayate’ are inscribed below the Lion Capital of Ashoka Pillar in Devanagari script. Moreover at the right and the left of the coin, the words ‘Bharat’ (in Devanagari) and ‘India’ (in the Roman script) are inscribed.

On the reverse side of the coin, there is a picture of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Again, in both Devanagari and Roman script, the former Prime Minister’s name is inscribed. Also, to mark the year of his birth and death, the years 1924 and 2018 are inscribed below Vajpayee’s portrait, respectively.

Watch this full video where PM Narendra Modi is speaking at the programme of launching a commemorative coin in memory of beloved Atal Ji.

Source = “DD News”

PM Congratulates Congress & Says Victory and Defeat are Part of Life

PM Congratulates Congress & Says Victory and Defeat are Part of Life

PM Modi took to Twitter to congratulate opposition parties with a series of tweets after election result declared on Tuesday, December 11. Congress received huge victory in Madhya Pradesh with 63 seats, in Chhattisgarh with 33 seats, and in Rajasthan with 95 seats.

At first, PM Modi thanked people of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhatisgarh with a message. He said that the BJP, who has experienced defeats in the elections, accepts people’s command with humility.

He wrote,

“We accept the people’s mandate with humility. I thank the people of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan for giving us the opportunity to serve these states. The BJP Governments in these states worked tirelessly for the welfare of the people.”

Further, in a tweet, he congratulated Congress, Mizo National Front (MNF) for its victory in Mizoram and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for his party’s landslide win in the state.

He wrote,

“Congratulations to the Congress for their victories. Congratulations to KCR Garu for the thumping win in Telangana and to the Mizo National Front (MNF) for their impressive victory in Mizoram.”

Moreover, Mr. Modi sought to boost the morale of its workers since the BJP suffered setbacks in its strongholds.

He wrote,

“The family of BJP Karyakartas worked day and night for the state elections. I salute them for their hard work. Victory and defeat are an integral part of life. Today’s results will further our resolve to serve people and work even harder for the development of India.”

Further, Rahul Gandhi, Congress President, while addressing media and celebrating his party’s best performance in state elections had attacked PM Modi, accusing him of arrogance.

He said,

“This is a clear message to the prime minister and the BJP that the country is not happy with what they are doing.”

Later, Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister acknowledged that the BJP did require to do much better.

Jaitley said,

“I think result was certainly not as expected and it’s an opportunity to pause and analyse, for results were not as per expected.”

Talking about the seats the BJP won in Chhattisgarh, the party managed to secure seven seats. In Madhya Pradesh, BJP secured 65 seats, while it got one seat each in Mizoram & Telangana, and 73 in Rajasthan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets Myanmar's State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi before their meeting in the Presidential Palace in Naypyitaw

PM Modi Meets Global Indian Oil & Gas Companies’ CEOs

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday emphasized the partnership between the oil producing and consuming countries to cut down the energy costs. During his interaction with the heads of oil and gas companies and organizations in New Delhi, he said this. The meeting witnessed the presence of around 40 heads of top oil companies and organizations.

The oil company leaders gathered to talk about the current energy scenario, the effects of US sanctions on Iran and fluctuating oil prices affecting the country’s economic growth.

While having an interaction with the global leaders of the energy sector, PM Modi said that there should be a partnership between the oil producers and consumers similar to other sectoral markets.

Modi mentioned that the oil market is producer-driven by quantity as well as price. He said that a partnership between the oil producers and consumers would help in stabilizing the global economy.

PM Modi further stressed that India holds a vital position in the oil and gas market. India is the world’s third largest consumer of oil.

Here are the key highlights:

  • PM Modi indicated that the oil consuming countries like India experience economic challenges and resource crisis because of the rise in crude oil prices. He said that the support of oil producing companies would be crucial to bridging the gap.
  • Modi sought more participation of private companies in the gas sector distribution.
  • PM Modi said that there should be higher cooperation when it comes to technology sharing among the countries for the viable commercial use of natural gas.
  • He asked for a review of the terms of payment between the oil producers and India to provide short-term relief to the rupee.

The union ministers Arun Jaitley and Dharmendra Pradhan and NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar attended the meeting. Apart from them, Senior Director at World Bank Riccardo Puliti was also present at the meeting.

The heads of the International Gas Union, Gazprom, Vedanta, Reliance Industries, Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, Petronet LNG, and American Gas Association attended the meeting.

The soaring crude oil prices have resulted in a frequent rise in fuel prices domestically and affected the value of rupee against dollar. The rupee has touched record low levels many times and lost over 15% of its value against the dollar this year.

Nation’s Loved Prime Minister To Celebrate His Birthday In Varanasi

Nation’s Loved Prime Minister To Celebrate His Birthday In Varanasi

Today is our country’s most loved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji birthday. PM Modi was born on September 17, 1950, in Vadnagar Gujarat. He turns 68 today. He will celebrate his birthday in his constituency Varanasi today and will stay overnight in the holy city.

narendra modi ji

PM Modi will celebrate his birthday among children of a primary school aided by a not-for-profit organization. According to the officials, he will pray Lord Shiva in Kashi Vishwanath Temple and then later watch a movie Chalo Jeete Hain with children.

On his 68th birthday, PM Modi will watch a 32-minute film “Chalo Jeete Hain” with the school children. He is also likely to inaugurate several development projects worth crores of rupees,” senior officials said.

Apart from this, BJP in Tamil Nadu celebrated our Prime Minister’s birthday by gifting gold rings to newborns. Leaders from various political parties took social media handles to convey their hearty wishes to the beloved Prime Minister. Various organizations have planned celebrations at prominent places in the city. Moreover, BJP workers have made special arrangements on occasion to cut cakes and distribute sweets.

Tomorrow he will inaugurate Integral Power Development Scheme(IPDS) and Atal Incubation Centre at Banaras Hindu University(BHU). Later, he will lay a foundation stone for a regional ophthalmology center followed by a speech at BHU.

Here are various tweets on social media handles conveying warm greeting to the Prime Minister.

Venkaiahji Is A Disciplinarian, Says PM Modi

Venkaiahji Is A Disciplinarian, Says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi jibes opposition, on Sunday says, a person can be branded as an “autocrat” for practicing strict discipline, while he was praising Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu for being a disciplinarian.

After he launched the book named Moving On… Moving Forward: A Year In Office on the Vice-President and Rajya Sabha Chairman’s first year in the office, PM Modi said that Mr. Naidu provides visionary leadership whenever he gets a responsibility.

Venkaiahji is a disciplinarian, and the country’s situation is such that it has become easy to call discipline undemocratic. If one calls for some discipline, then that person is branded an autocrat. The whole dictionary is opened. But the discipline Venkaiahji calls for, he himself follows it,” Mr. Modi said.

“One has to be very alert while touring with Venkaiahji. One, he never wears a watch, he does not keep a pen and does not keep money. He does not wear a watch, but he reaches programmes on time. And if the programme does not get over in time, then he becomes uneasy. Discipline is in his nature.” PM Modi said while referring to Venkaiahji’s punctuality.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Rajya Sabha’s Deputy Leader of the opposition Anand Sharma, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, H.D. Deve Gowda and other ministers attended the book launch.

PM Modi recalled the reign of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee when he keenly offered an important portfolio in the ministry but, he requested to be given the rural development ministry. PM Modi said that Mr. Naidu has set high standards of discipline, commitment, and passion and does justice to any responsibility given to him.

It is commendable that Venkaiahjiji has presented a report card of sorts about his first year in office, containing the rich work he has done both inside and outside Parliament,” he said.

His (Naidu) desire, that the House functions well, there is a debate inside and those things come out of the House that helps the country will come true with his constant efforts,” Mr. Modi said.

Narendra Modi’s TOP (Tomato, Onion, Potato) Message To Farmers

Narendra Modi’s TOP (Tomato, Onion, Potato) Message To Farmers

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday say’s his government foremost priority is Tomato, Onion, Potato (TOP).

Relating to a theme, Modi pitched chief ministerial candidate in Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa as farmer friendly.

He said – “The farmers who grow vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, onions, and potatoes that are also the top priority for us. Take T from tomato, O from Onion and P from Potato, you get TOP. Farmers are TOP priority for us”

According to him, the budget distribution of 14.5 lakh crore for rural and agriculture areas will benefit the backward classes reducing pressure on urban areas. He further announced that farmers producing fruits and vegetables will be given priority by Modi’s government through the Operation Greens scheme launched in the Union Budget last week.

“Even farmers producing fruits and vegetables are important to us. They have top priority. If you go to any corner of India, you will find three vegetables — tomato, onion, and potato. That is why I call it the top priority — the T of tomato, the O of Onion and the P of potato — the TOP priority. Keeping these farmers in my mind, we announced Operation Greens in the Budget. Like how Amul is a model in the milk sector for enhancing the income of dairy farmers, Operation Greens will assure incomes for tomato, onion, potato… and all vegetable farmers”

Relating to a theme, Modi pitched chief ministerial candidate in Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa as farmer friendly.

If Yeddyurappa, son of a farmer, becomes CM of Karnataka, the projects for farmers will work at its best because Yeddyurappa has farmer’s best interest at heart. When facilities are provided to villages, migration to cities will go down and the mounting pressure on cities will be released.”

Besides this, he also outlined the party’s plan for the state which adds bonanza for farmers, suburban railway for Bengaluru and Arun Jaitley’s budget which was released last week.