PM Modi Holds Video Conference with Electronic Media’s Key Stakeholders

PM Modi Holds Video Conference with Electronic Media’s Key Stakeholders

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an interactive session with key stakeholders from electronic media channels via video conferencing. He talked about the growing challenges amid the nationwide spread of COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus.

Also, he praised the dedication and commitment of the reporters, camerapersons, and technicians. He thanked the media for understanding the pandemic’s seriousness from the first day & appreciated their role played in spreading awareness. He called their work as service to India as they are working tirelessly on the field and in newsrooms. The PM even commended the innovative ideas of some channels, like making arrangements to host from home.

Further, regarding COVID-19 as a lifetime challenge, PM Modi said that we need to tackle it through innovative solutions. He added that as a long battle is ahead of us, creating awareness is essential and even urged social distancing. The PM said that information on the latest developments and key decisions need to be communicated swiftly & professionally by the channels.

He tweeted on his official handle-

“One thing I specially requested all media houses to do is to keep reiterating the importance of social distancing and being indoors.

I urge them to keep stating- #StayHome.”

Moreover, the PM said that the channels have to ensure that people are vigilant and are not careless. They also need to fight pessimism and avoid panic through positive communication. We must keep the doctors and healthcare workers motivated as they are at the forefront to combat COVID-19.

The PM said that the news channels serve as a vital means of feedback, and the government is constantly working on it. He also suggested the channels to offer dedicated boom mics to reporters in the field and take precautions like maintaining a distance of at least one meter while conducting interviews.

Also, he urged the channels to spread scientific reports, involve informed people in discussions & prevent the spread of misinformation & superstitions. He emphasized the significance of discipline from citizens and also to maintain social distancing to contain the virus. He asked the channels to spread awareness regarding digital payment mechanisms to avoid the virus spread through currency notes.

Adding to that, he said that a dedicated department with doctors’ availability 24×7 could be established to check on the reporters and help quash rumors. And Prasar Bharati could give out authentic information twice a day, which other TV channels can use.

The media representative thanked PM for his leadership and hard work in tackling the challenge and valuable suggestions and inputs. They assured the PM of working with him in countering the pandemic.

Furthermore, the representatives mentioned the PM’s emotional connection with the citizens. They even asked him to address the nation more frequently and include positive stories, especially the experiences of people who have recovered from COVID-19. The Director-General of the Indian Council of Medical Research said that testing strategy followed a graded response, and testing kits’ approval has been facilitated.

In a tweet thread, the PM wrote-

“I have been having a series of video conference interactions with various stakeholders on tackling the COVID-19 menace. Today, I interacted with those associated with the electronic media and heard their insightful views. #IndiaFightsCorona”

He added-

“The media world has played a great role in spreading awareness on subjects related to COVID-19. I salute all those media persons who have been reporting from the ground as well as in the newsroom. Happy to see channels facilitating ‘work from home arrangements’ for their teams.”

Further, he tweeted-

“Even greater caution, zero carelessness.

Urged electronic media to counter misinformation related to COVID-19, which is creating panic. Also urged them to take relevant precautions in their own organisations especially when their team members do on ground reporting.”

The Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting, the Secretary of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, and senior representatives and editors from leading electronic-media organizations took part in the video interaction.

Besides, he held a video chat with people associated with the world of industry and shared a link with details-

“Spoke to those associated with the world of industry earlier this evening. In consultation with all the concerned stakeholders, the Government is working to ensure economic stability. #IndiaFightsCorona”

He also wrote in his tweet-

“We had extensive interactions on sectors like banking, finance, hospitality, tourism and infra.
Government and industry are conscious about informal sector’s well-being.
Industry leaders highlighted steps towards maintaining supply lines of essential items and medical equipment.”

Then, urging the industry leaders to work from home, he said-

“Called upon industry leaders to continue following work from home as much as possible in these times.

Unless very very important, please do #StayHome.”

Image source: Zee News

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