PM Modi Addresses Rallies in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Punjab

PM Modi Addresses Rallies in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Punjab

Prime Minister Modi addressed several rallies in the run-up to the final phase of polling in the country.

Yesterday also, he addressed multiple rallies at Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, Buxar and Sasaram in Bihar, and Chandigarh in Punjab.

He tweeted,

“Today I will interact with the people of Ballia, Buxar, Sasaram and Chandigarh.

Have a look at highlights from yesterday’s speeches in MP, HP and Punjab, where I spoke about NDA’s vision and the communal, anti-farmer and anti-security politics of Congress.”

While addressing a rally in Ballia, UP, PM Modi stated that all other opposition parties such as Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party and even the Congress, all belong to “mahamilavat” (great adulteration), are busy in insulting Modi.

He said,

“There is no day when they do not abuse Modi.”

Later while talking about casteism, PM Modi said that he has only one caste which is “poverty,” that is why he is fighting against poverty and for poor.

Then he said that vote of people to NDA would give a befitting reply to abuses hurled at me by “mahamilavati” parties.

Later, PM claimed that “Mahamilavatis” play caste politics and also build bungalows and palaces for themselves and their relatives.

Further, in the speech, PM Modi challenged the Opposition party to show if he has money in any foreign bank, any benami property, shopping complex, or farmhouse.

Then PM Modi said,

“Parties that abused each other will again be fighting among themselves once results are out.”

PM Modi also shared his speech from the rally on Twitter and wrote,

“Happy to be in Ballia, the land of courage and home to wonderful people. Watch my speech.”

After addressing in Ballia, PM Modi shared a message to people of Varanasi. In the message, he called himself a “Kashi vaasi” and sought their blessings of the people of the constituency for victory.

While issuing a message there, PM Modi outlined his personal and emotional association with the city and its people in a video released by his website.

He said,

“It is often said that whosoever come to Kashi even once, becomes part of the city. In the last five years, I have experienced this every passing moment. In molding me and giving a direction to my political and spiritual being, Kashi has a huge influence on me.”

Further, in the message, PM Modi mentioned that Kashi is an inspiration to him, in terms of spirituality, religion, and culture.

He added,

“I am fortunate that its people provided me with an opportunity to serve.”

Watch complete message here,

“Here is my message for the people of beloved Kashi. Do watch!”

Further while addressing Buxar and Sasaram rallies, PM Modi talked about how these politicians have such big bungalows and palaces. He said,

“राजनीति में इतनी तनख्वाह कब से मिलने लगी कि महामिलावटी अपने लिए बड़े बंगले, फार्महाउस बना पाए, संपत्ति इकट्ठा कर पाए?

यह जनता का पैसा है, जो इन्होंने लूटा है।

अब इन्होंने जो भी लूटा है, जनता को लौटाना होगा।”

He added,

“चुनाव के 6 चरणों के बाद महामिलावटी बौखला गए हैं। यह बौखलाहट साक्षात दिख रही है।

उनकी हार जैसे-जैसे और तय होती जा रही है, गालियां वैसे-वैसे और बढ़ती जा रही हैं।”

He shared his Buxar and Sasaram rallies with captions,

“Overwhelmed by the affection in Buxar. Do watch my address.”

“Sasaram wants NDA’s development agenda, not divisive politics of Mahamilawat. Watch.”

He also wrote,

“Have a look at glimpses from Ballia, Buxar and Sasaram. Through the campaign trail, it is evident that the development schemes of the NDA Government have transformed several lives. 130 crore Indians have seen our track record and are determined to bless us with a bigger mandate.”

After addressing in Buxar and Sasaram, PM Modi went for Chandigarh rally.

While addressing there, PM Modi said,

“Seeing how his party colleagues are abusing me turn by turn, one Congress leader started feeling left out.

No wonder, he has reiterated the ‘Modi is Neech’ diatribe.

We always knew Congress is anti-backward. People will give a strong answer to the Congress.”

After the rally, he again took to Twitter and wrote,

“Thank you Chandigarh!

This dynamic city is going to vote for BJP yet again.

Here are glimpses from today’s rally. @BJP4Chandigarh”

He shared another post on his Twitter handle and wrote,

“Coming back to Chandigarh is about several memories and familiar faces. After today’s rally, I met Madan Ji, who was an integral part of the BJP office when I lived here. Enquired about his health and well-being. Happy to see the same level of passion and positivity in him.”

Lok Sabha elections 2019 which began on April 11 is going to end on May 19 as the final phase in which 59 Lok Sabha seats will vote. Then on May 23, results will be announced.

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