PM Modi Addresses Rallies in MP, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh

PM Modi Addresses Rallies in MP, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh

Ahead of the last phase of the Polls 2019, Prime Minister Modi held three more rallies in Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam, Punjab’s Bathinda and Himachal Pradesh’s Solan on Tuesday.

While addressing in Ratlam, PM Modi took a jibe at Congress President Rahul Gandhi and said that he opens his speeches with abuses. Following that PM Modi said that the Gandhi family uses the IAF jets for personal trips and when asked about it, they said:

“What’s done is done.”

Further, targeting Congress, PM Modi said that the opposition party has problems with the slogan ‘bharat mata ki jai.’ Modi questioned the people,

“You tell me how will this country grow by ‘Gali bhakti’ or ‘Rashtr bhakti’?”

Later in the speech, PM Modi claimed that Congress Party committed so many scams including submarine scam, Bofors scam, helicopter scam but for that, they answer,

“Hua to hua (What’s done is done.)”

PM said that this is their arrogance and ideology about the things. Then PM said that the public will now give them a befitting reply by saying,

“Ab bahut hua (Enough is enough).”

Further, in the speech, PM Modi stated that Congress ruled over the years and ruined the country. Then PM referred to the alliance ‘mahamilavati’ and said that they are running house politics and are gaining benefits for their family only not the public.

PM said Congress never cared for the people. He added,

“In their reign, our brave sons could not get to the bulletproof jackets. In the terrorist attacks, our brave colleagues lost their lives in naxal attacks.”

PM Modi shared Ratlam rally with the caption,

“Humbled by the affection in Ratlam. Watch my speech.”


After the Ratlam rally, PM Modi addressed another large rally in Bathinda in Punjab. There also he slammed the Congress party for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. He also claimed that the party failed to provide justice to the victims despite being in power for several years.

Referring to the recent statement by the Congress President ‘Hua Toh Hua,’ PM Modi said,

“Mere lip service of condemnation to the anti-Sikh statements of Congress leaders by the Congress ‘Namdar’ makes no difference to the victims and their families who have suffered for more than three decades now and are still waiting for justice to be served to them. The entire Congress party including its President must be ashamed of their actions in 1984 and must answer the Sikh community for their reckless statements.”

After the rally, PM Modi shared few pictures from the rally on Twitter and wrote,

“Punjab’s Congress Government has been a dismal failure. Add to that the arrogance and anti-Sikh mindset of the Congress High Command.

No wonder Akali Dal-BJP is Punjab’s choice.

Sharing photos from Bathinda.”

Then after Bathinda rally, PM Modi went to address Solan in Himachal Pradesh. There PM Modi said that during the previous Congress governments, India was dependent on foreign countries for 70 percent needs of the defense forces.

He said,

“It had been deliberately done as defense deals were ATM for the Congress.”

Then PM added that now India is doing so much on their own.

After addressing there, PM Modi again took to Twitter and wrote,

“Delighted to have got the opportunity to interact with the people of Solan and surrounding areas. Across Himachal Pradesh, the mood is in favour of BJP. Spoke about NDA Government’s work in infrastructure, connectivity and how it benefits citizens.”

He also shared the speech with the caption,

“Speaking on NDA’s development agenda at the rally in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Watch.”

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