PM Chairs 31st PRAGATI Meet, Reviews Progress on Various Projects

PM Chairs 31st PRAGATI Meet, Reviews Progress on Various Projects

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held the 31st meeting through PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance And Timely Implementation), which is an ICT based multi-modal platform. He reviewed the progress of the myriad projects via this platform.

As he reviewed the progress of the Aspirational District Programme, PM Modi was told about the dashboard that is based on 49 performance indicators. Also, the slow-moving indicators, such as the status of nutrition, have recorded significant growth. Some districts of UP have also shown tremendous growth.

He tweeted on his official handle-

“As far as Aspirational Districts are concerned, I saw in detail the dashboard based on 49 key indicators. The all-round progress being made is stupendous. There are marked improvements even in previously slow moving areas such as nutrition.

UP’s performance is noteworthy.”

Further, PM Modi stressed on the need to focus on healthcare and education of tribal children and called it an act of national service. The PM even highlighted why “time frame” should be decided to bring backward or aspirational districts up to the national average. He emphasized that the young officers should be posted in Aspirational Districts.

Also, the PM was informed regarding the progress in the National Agriculture Market platform. He asked Transport and Agriculture Ministries to work unitedly towards developing an e-model of logistics support for agricultural products.

For tackling the problem of crop stubble burning, PM Modi asked the Agriculture Ministry to distribute equipment to farmers of Punjab, Haryana, and UP on a priority basis.

Besides, PM Modi reviewed the progress of infrastructure connectivity projects, including the Katra-Banihal Railway Line. He offered clear instructions to complete the project speedily by next year. Many other projects were also part of the discussion.

Also, he said that Delhi-Meerut Expressway should reach completion by the revised timeline of May 2020.

Regarding this, the PM tweeted-

“While reviewing key infra projects, I emphasised on two things:

Speedy completion of pending development works.

Upgrading infrastructure where needed.

Slow pace and outdated vision adversely impacted our growth trajectory for decades. Such attitudes will NOT be tolerated now.”

Moreover, PM Modi held talks about creating an intra-state transmission system in 8 renewable energy-rich states: Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

He asked the officials about the challenges that the solar and wind power companies are encountering in starting new projects, including in the land acquisition process. He discussed ways to facilitate their business operations and also praised Karnataka and AP for the timely completion of a transmission system project.

He wrote in his tweet-

“During Pragati, we discussed creation of an intra-state transmission system in 8 renewable energy rich states. We also discussed ways to make business easier for solar and wind energy companies.

Kudos to Karnataka and AP for timely completion of a transmission system project.”

The PM also shared the link with the highlights of the PRAGATI meeting. He tweeted-

“9 mega projects.

Rs. 61,000 crore.

Many states and the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

National Agriculture Market, wellbeing of Indians abroad, Aspirational Districts and more.

Today’s Pragati session was a fruitful one.

Read the highlights.”

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