Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary PM Pays Tribute at Rajghat (1)

Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary: PM Pays Tribute at Rajghat

Today on occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, the entire nation is paying tributes to him and celebrating his ideals. The people, as well as leaders across the country, are sharing their thoughts and emotions they have for the Father of the Nation through social media to mark 150th Gandhi Jayanti.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also paid tributes to him at Rajghat, a memorial dedicated to Bapu in New Delhi. After the visit to Gandhiji’s samadhi, PM Modi shared pictures offering flowers on it and posted a tweet on his official handle. He wrote-

“At Rajghat, paid tributes to Bapu.

Gandhi Ji’s commitment to peace, harmony and brotherhood remained unwavering. He envisioned a world where the poorest of the poor are empowered.

His ideals are our guiding light. #Gandhi150”

Also, earlier, PM Modi tweeted about Mahatma Gandhi’s everlasting contribution to humanity. He wrote-

“राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गांधी को उनकी 150वीं जन्म-जयंती पर शत-शत नमन।

Tributes to beloved Bapu! On #Gandhi150, we express gratitude to Mahatma Gandhi for his everlasting contribution to humanity. We pledge to continue working hard to realise his dreams and create a better planet.”

PM Modi also shared details on the various events planned for the day, marking the occasion. In the evening, he would be flying to Ahmedabad and would be visiting the Sabarmati Ashram on Wednesday. The PM would arrive at the Ahmedabad airport around 6 PM and would be welcomed by BJP workers at a function organized by the local BJP unit.

He tweeted that he would be attending a special Swachh Bharat Diwas Programme on the banks of the Sabarmati river, recognizing the tireless efforts of Swachhagrahis to help realize Bapu’s dream.

“Today, on #GandhiJayanti, I will be in Ahmedabad for a special Swachh Bharat Diwas Programme on the banks of the Sabarmati. During the programme, we would recognise the commendable work of several Swachhagrahis who have worked round the clock to fulfil Gandhi Ji’s dream.”

He also tweeted-

“From Ahmedabad, a city closely associated with beloved Bapu, we will showcase our efforts towards creating a Swachh Bharat and derive strength to continue working on the tenets shown by Gandhi Ji. We will be lauding those involved in plastic waste cleaning Shramdan. #Gandhi150”

Then, he would visit the Sabarmati Ashram to pay homage to Bapu. Also, he would attend a cultural Navratri event in Ahmedabad. He tweeted-

“In Ahmedabad, I will pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi at the Sabarmati Ashram.

I will also join a cultural Navratri event in the city. The vibrant culture of Gujarat is on full display during Navratri! If you have not experienced this festival in Gujarat, you must do so!”

After this, PM Modi would be heading to the Sabarmati riverfront, where he will declare India open- defecation free (ODF). More than 20,000 village heads are expected to be present there. The list of invitees for the event are students, educationists, people associated with Gandhian institutions, high court judges, Padma awardees, and village-level sanitation workers.

Moreover, PM Modi paid tributes to Former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji, who shares his birthday with Gandhiji, at his memorial Vijay Ghat. The PM tweeted-

“At Vijay Ghat, paid tributes to Shastri Ji.

India will never forget the valuable contribution of Shastri Ji. He was a stalwart who never deviated from his ideals and principles, come what may.”

Also, the govt is expected to announce the single-use plastic ban, aiming to make India free of this by the year 2022.

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